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Bertha Jo Barlow is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


Bertha Jo grew up in Hazzard County and is a long time friend of the Duke Family. Her father raised mules. Some time when Luke Duke was in the third grade, she threw him out a second story window.

In 1996 she met Bubba and they started dating. She and Bubba both participated in the Hazzard Arm Wrestling Contest and she won, prompting Bubba not to speak to her for a week.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion![]

As she signs up for the ‘Toughest Person Contest’ during the Hazzard Homecoming. Jesse calls out to her. She turns, excited, and runs over to greet Uncle Jesse with a hug before greeting and hugging Cooter. She asks when Daisy is coming as she misses her. Jesse tells her that the kids are all due around noon and invites her over but she says she can’t as it’s the first round of eliminations that afternoon. She says goodbye and leaves.

During the first elimination round, she sees Daisy and Jesse have arrived to cheer her on. She takes on her opponent. When he grabs her in a head lock she tries to punch him in the stomach. When it has no effect she kicks her opponent in the head. He lets go of her in surprise and she kicks him out of the ring. She does this repeatedly as he climbs back in. She then kicked him in the face until he collapsed and claimed victory.

The next day she completes another round of eliminations and Daisy cheers for her. They hug and she tells Daisy that she has no idea what it means to have Daisy there cheering for her again. She tells Daisy that she had even come to support Bertha for the Atlanta Falcons and Daisy snaps that Bertha should have made that team. Daisy says she is going to win and Bertha explain that is what she is worried about because she doesn’t want to beat Bubba. Daisy asks who is Bubba and she points him out to her. When Daisy doesn’t immediately know which one is Bubba, he points him out again saying the cute one. She tells Daisy that she loves Bubba and that they have been together for a year. She says she’s worried though because when she beat Bubba at the Hazzard Arm Wrestling contest, Bubba wouldn’t speak to her for a week. She concludes that beating a man in private is one thing but in public hurts his ego. She thinks she will have to throw the fight but Daisy gets upset saying she can’t do that and maybe Bubba won’t make it to the finales. When Bubba beats his opponent Bertha tells her not to be so sure.

During another elimination round she takes out Cletus with a single kick. She sits down when Daisy comes up to ask her if she will be her maid of honor. Bertha jumps out of the ring to hug Daisy and ask when. Daisy says it will be Saturday and they scream and hug, Bertha agreeing.

Bertha Jo and Bubba end up in the finales on Saturday and Bertha is sad but tries to keep her promise to Daisy. As they fight she gets mad and Bubba picks her up. She says he isn't even trying and he says neither is she. He throws her down and goes to offer her a hand up but she jumps up and hits him. They continue to fight and she taunts him, saying he hits harder when they play scrabble. He tells her that she hasn’t thrown a decent punch yet and asks if she is afraid she will break a nail. Furious, Bertha Jo kicks him in the face and he goes down. Alarmed that she hurt him, she rushes to his side asking if he’s okay. She sees he’s conscious and kicks him in anger over the fact he’s faking. Bubba and Bertha escape from the fight and the angry crowd to Bubba’s truck, where he drives away. After they get away she opens up the door, despite the truck still moving and hits Bubba until he pulls over. She gets out screaming about how he threw the fight and asking how can she ever trust him again. She then goes to punch Bubba in the face but Bo Duke pulled up in the General, yelling to get their attention. She sheepishly greets Bo, pretending like they weren’t just fighting and Bo greets them both before asking if they really want to fight. She says yes and punches Bubba in the face, making Bo call her again, exasperated.

She goes with Bo, Enos, and Bubba to the Cotton Mill. Bo plans to use ‘country charm’ to get them in. Bertha Jo goes up to the gate, crying and asking if they have any spare gas. The guard asks where her car is and she says it’s down the road after her boyfriend ran her out. When the man asks why she says she keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. He opens the gate and she gives him the gas can before taking down one of them. She watches Bubba come in and take out the other. She smiles at him but Bubba asks if she was flirting. Annoyed, she gestures to the unconscious man asking ‘Does it look like I was flirting Bubba?’ Enos gives them some rope, telling them they did a good job and to tie them up. They drag the guards off to the side and storm the Cotton Mill with Enos informing them that whoever has Daisy is his.

Bertha Jo starts fighting one guy, knocking him out with a few kicks to the head. She see’s Bubba go down and yells, running to fight the man who just knocked him out. The man, Mojo, kicks her in the face and she gets back up before kicking him multiple times and knocking him out.

After she looks at the wedding dress with Daisy while Bo and Luke put Riker in the trunk. Her and Bubba head back to Hazzard to watch the end of the race and the wedding. Bertha Jo stands in the wedding party but as Rosco tries to marry them, Daisy's ex-husband arrives. Daisy decides she can't marry Enos, then asks who wants a free wedding. Bo asks her and Bubba if they do and Luke says they fight so much they might as well make it official. Bertha Jo and Bubba kiss, and Rosco marries them instead.