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Bessie Lou is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Vance's Lady[]

While working at the phone company, she is approached by Dugan, who explains he is working to find a woman embezzling funds. While Dugan was in her office, she gets a call from Vance, who she happily greets. Vance says he needs to place an urgent call to the State Crime Commission and she tells him she is ‘awful sorry’ but she is having some trouble and is unable to get any of the lines through. She asks him to try again a little later and he thanks her before hanging up.

Bessie Lou explains that she is new on the job and she sure hopes she did the right thing. Dugan assures her that this is official state business.

After Dugan departs, she calls Boss Hogg and informs him of Vance's attempted call.

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Under Boss' orders, she calls Boss Hogg’s temporary office out at Soggy Marsh, which Rosco answers. She asks to talk to Boss and informs him that Daisy is calling the Duke Farm from Chickasaw County. Boss has her patch him into the call before she connects it.

Ding, Dong, the Boss Is Dead[]

While not in the episode, Gussie Peabody calls her to inform her that Boss Hogg has died. Later she finds out this isn't true.