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Bessie Lou Perkins is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 2[]

Hazzard Connection[]

Bessie Lou works at the Boar’s Nest and she brings Bo, Luke, and Cooter their drinks. Bo and Cooter both grin and greet her and Bo pays her for the drinks, telling her to keep the change. Impressed she tells him that if he is going to keep tipping like that then he better drink up so she can bring them another round, which Bo says ‘yes ma’am’.

While at work later, she is watching Bo playing pinball with Luke next to him, looking between them. Daisy gets her attention by asking her if she is deciding which one she wants. Daisy sends her to deliver some beers in the meantime and she does.

Later she goes out on a date with Bo, while bringing along her sister who goes out with Luke.

Season 3[]

And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

Besse Lou is working at the fight between Luke Duke and Catfish Lee, selling hot dogs. She cheers on Luke as he fights and celebrates with the others after he wins.