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Biff Gregory is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Pruitt and Biff arrive in Hazzard after their release from the State Penn to meet with Boss Hogg and Rosco. Boss invites them into his office and Flash begins barking at him. Boss tells them to watch out for Flash, as ‘he’s vicious’. Boss reminds them that fifty percent of the money is his and Rosco adds that he get’s ‘50% or 50% or 50%’ to which Biff asks what is Rosco ‘the resident echo’? Rosco tells him to hush. Boss tells them to go wait until he calls them and he follows Pruitt out. Flash barks at him again and he stops to growl at the dog.

They meet Boss and Rosco outside of Rhuebottom’s General Store to collect the scuba gear and he is horrified when Rosco trips with all the gear, falling with all of it into the trunk. He helps Boss pull Rosco out.

Pruitt and Biff go to Soggy Marsh with Boss and Rosco. After putting on the scuba gear, they jump into the Marsh and begin searching from directions on the map.

After a while of searching, they surface to see Boss and Rosco. They conclude they might have to move and dive again.

On another dive they find the check with the money and pull it up to the surface. When Pruitt says that had he known it would be that easy, he would never have cut in Boss, he points out that it’s not too late to cut Boss out. While returning to shore, he doesn’t immediately follow Pruitt and spots Daisy sneaking up on the cabin. He asks if she sees anything interesting. He catches her and drags her inside. Daisy tells them they should turn the money in or risk going to jail, to which he says neither of those choices figure into their plans. At Pruitt’s order he ties Daisy to a chair.

Pruitt says they are going to leave Daisy there and steps outside but quickly returns saying a car just pulled up. He unties Daisy as they decide to take her, carrying her down to the boat. He picks up Pruitt and they flee into the Marsh. He notices the Dukes are gaining on them and Vance starts shooting dynamite arrows at them. He notices Vance runs out of arrows but has to get Daisy when she tackles Pruitt into losing his gun. Pruitt and Biff start fighting, getting frustrated. They are forced to abandon the boat when Coy Duke jumps the General into the marsh directly in front of them. They try to swim out but are caught by Vance, they fight Vance until Coy arrives and they are caught. Little makes the arrest.