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"Big Daddy" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg frames Coy and Vance by putting a stolen license plate on the General Lee. But Boss calls off the chase when he is told that his father, who is supposedly a Good Samaritan, is coming to Hazzard -- and after coming to Hazzard, Big Daddy Hogg (Les Tremayne) has his driver rob Boss Hogg's safe at City Hall.


Balladeer: In Hazzard County most folks do all the grocery shopping once a week at Rhuebottom’s General Store. And being short of salt, coffee, and flour that’s what the Duke boys are headed out to do right now. Over at Boss’ house, it was business as usual.


Vance and Coy are driving the General Lee toward town, Coy telling Vance that Cletus and Enos are waiting for them. Vance says they deserve better and this time they will go over the officers. Coy agrees. In the car Cletus and Enos argue about the speed trap, Enos saying it’s entrapment and Cletus saying it isn’t if they have a good reason. Hearing a car, they look around before the General Lee jumps over them to their shock. The two chases after the boys and Enos tells the boys he needs to ask them to pull over. Enos says they need a flying license and when Cletus says for him ‘to tell them’ Enos says he did to Cletu’s confusion. Coy points out they are coming up on Hazzard pond. Cletus stops and the two manage not to go into the pond but realize they also let the boys get away.

Hogg Family Home

At home, Boss and Rosco meet with Jenkins. Boss offers him $2200 for the truck and Jenkins gets upset saying Boss said he would negotiate. Boss shows him that his truck was spotted leaving the scene of the crime and there is an APB out for him. Boss offers the $2200 again and adds that he will give Jenkins a clean plate to drive out of town with. Jenkins agrees and Boss sends him outside to get the plate on his pickup with instructions to meet with Rosco at the warehouse to get the new plate and the money. When Jenkins leaves to do so, Boss insists he uses the backdoor. Rosco asks Boss where he’s going to get a new plate. Boss explains that he had been planning this since the APB came in the day before. He tells Rosco that he’s going to get the plate from the General Lee and put the hot plate on the General Lee. After they will arrest the Dukes for robbery.

Duke Farm

Vance and Coy return with the groceries and Daisy helps them carry then in. Coy asks where Jesse is and Daisy says he left for Capitol City to see Ned Baker. Rosco watches them go inside before approaching the General. As the Duke’s unpack the items, Coy notices that the surprise they bought for Uncle Jesse isn’t there and must be in the General. He goes outside to get it while Rosco is under the car. Coy does not notice him and goes back inside. He explains that it was a gift from Mr. Rhuebottom to Uncle Jesse for Vance and Coy unloading the produce truck, six pounds of turnip greens. Rosco continues to take off the plate when a goat comes along and starts licking his face. Rosco pushes it away.


A limo drives through Hazzard. Big Daddy tells Ernie to slowdown.

Hogg Family Home

Boss sits in a chair in his living room in a robe, eating ice cream as Rosco tells him about the successful switch. Boss is happy and tells Rosco to call Cletus and Enos and to have them arrest Vance and Coy for armed robbery. Excited, Rosco calls the deputies and tells them what to do. Boss is upset noticing that Flash is sleeping on his feet and sends her away. In the process he notices a telegram in Rosco’s pocket and takes it out to read it. Boss is upset that it is addressed to him but Rosco had it. Rosco says Miz Tisdale gave it to him yesterday and he forgot. Boss reads it and is stunned. He says it’s from Big Daddy and that he is passing through Hazzard and plans to stop to see Boss at noon. Boss pulls out a picture of Big Daddy, blowing the dust off. He tells Rosco that when he was little, they never really saw his father as he was so busy making sure ‘other peoples lives secure’. Rosco says he must have been a good salesman. Boss says he was the best, later getting into other deals of stock, oil, and land. Boss says that Big Daddy said it would all be his one day if Boss could be as honest and lovable. Boss changes the big picture of himself with the one of his Daddy. Boss says they need to convince his father that he is honest and lovable. Boss tells Rosco he has to force the citizens to show their love for him for the day or he will foreclose on all their property. Rosco leaves to do so.

Duke Farm

Daisy is hanging up laundry as Coy and Vance work on the porch. Cletus and Enos pull up and Daisy asks what they did now. They claim they didn’t do anything. Cletus tells them to get their hands up and Enos explains they are to be arrested for armed robbery. Cletus points out the plate, saying there in an APB for it. Vance says that isn’t their plate and Daisy says they know who changed the plate. Enos apologizes and the boys hold out their hands. When the deputies go to cuff them, Daisy throws a sheet on them and the boys escape. Enos and Cletus fight over who gets to drive and Cletus almost leaves without Enos. Daisy laughs watching the whole thing before going back to her chores.


Coy and Vance run, concluding that Boss framed him. Meanwhile the limo get’s closer to Hazzard, Big Daddy telling Ernie about the road they are on.

Hazzard Square

Rosco and Boss have some citizens come to the square, practicing statements of gratefulness to Boss. Rosco asks a woman to kiss Boss’ hand and she gets annoyed saying she’s done enough. They hear Enos calling them about chasing the boys. Boss gets alarmed saying he doesn’t want the Dukes near Big Daddy while he’s in town. When Rosco asks that he doesn’t want the boys in jail, Boss says he does even more than he wanted to put Bo and Luke in jail, but not until after Big Daddy leaves. Rosco agrees and tells the deputies to leave the Dukes alone for now. Coy, Vance, Enos, and Cletus are all surprised but let the boys go.


As Coy and Vance try to figure what happened, Coy drives through a construction site. Once they are through the two try to figure out why Boss would just let them go. Coy says they should go back to the farm.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco wait by the road, Boss already nervous, as they see Big Daddy’s limo pull up. Boss is alarmed and goes to greet him. Big Daddy scolds Boss on his hygiene and comments about Boss’ weight. Rosco says the town loves him and Big Daddy comments that he sees his son’s name on a lot of businesses, and he must be doing alright. Boss confirms this statement. Rosco says Boss is loaded and Boss insists he is an outstanding citizen, like his father was in his day. Rosco jokes that you might call him the ‘pillow of the community’. Boss corrects it to pillar. Big Daddy says he is very proud. Boss is stunned and Big Daddy asks for him to show off some of his businesses.

Duke Farm

Coy and Vance cover the license plate with mud and Daisy comes over to see their progress asking why don’t they just take it off. Vance says having an unreadable plate is better than no plate at all. Coy teases that any dentist would say that and Daisy kicks him over before leaving.

Hazzard Garage

Jenkins arrives at the Hazzard Garage and Cooter greets him. He asks Cooter to fill the tank and look under the hood. Jenkins remarks he has some business to do before pointing out Boss and heading over to see him. As Cooter goes to do so, he recognizes the plate as the General Lee’s. Confused, Cooter goes into his truck and calls the boys over the CB to inform them of what happened. They ask Cooter to stall until they get there.

Jenkins walks toward Boss, Rosco, and Big Daddy. Seeing Jenkins, Boss becomes alarmed and excuses himself to cut Jenkins off. Boss greets him and tries to get Jenkins to leave, but Jenkins reminds him they made a deal over the watches. Boss tries to make it sound like Jenkins had to pawn off family heirlooms and that he is trying to help Jenkins get another tractor for his farm. Boss pays Jenkins the money he owes him and when Jenkins hesitates he gives and additional $500. Jenkins leaves. Big Daddy praises Boss for his ‘charity’. Meanwhile as Jenkins’ passes the limo on the way back to the Garage, he sees Ernie and the two chat as old friends.

While Vance and Coy are headed to town, Cooter attempts to take the license plate off the truck. However when Jenkins returns he stops and informs Jenkins’ that he is ready to go. Cooter says Jenkins owes $9 in gas and Jenkins gives him 10. Cooter tries to stall him by saying he needs to get change inside but Jenkins says for him to keep it as he is in a hurry and drives away.

Jesse Duke arrives in town, seeing the ‘Hazzard loves J.D. Hogg’ and remarks no one in Hazzard loves Boss except Lulu. As he drives around the square he wonders just what is going on before seeing Big Daddy. Jesse starts laughing, remarking that his daddy is in town before Cooter flags him down. Cooter fills Jesse in on the truck and Jesse calls Coy and Vance over the CB. Vance fills Uncle Jesse in on the robbery charges. Jesse informs them that Boss Hogg’s dad is in town and Boss doesn’t want to get in trouble.


Coy remarks to bless Boss Hogg’s dad and Vance reminds him that as soon as the dad leaves Boss will be coming after them again. Cooter fills them in on the truck’s description and that the truck was going north on Highway 142. Vance calls Daisy on the CB and she heads out to join them.


Boss and Rosco stand outside the Bank with a line of people. Big Daddy and Ernie watch as Boss hands out free money to the people in the line. Big Daddy approaches him, saying he is thrilled and proud to see Boss continuing the good Samaritan work. He then goes back to Ernie, asking how much Ernie thinks Boss Hogg is worth and expressing that it is a shame he will be stealing from his own son. Meanwhile Rosco tries to sneak into the line to get some of Boss’ money. Boss catches him and is not amused.


The Dukes all started to close in on Jenkins. Vance and Coy find him first. Jenkins sees the boys and turns up Chestnut Road. Vance and Coy radio Daisy to tell her where they are. She heads to 102 to cut him off. Jesse, who is Canyon Springs, hears the conversation and agrees to help cut him off. Daisy arrives on Chestnut road, forcing Jenkins to drive toward Jesse. Daisy joins the chase behind the General. At the next intersection, Jesse cuts off the right road, forcing Jenkins to turn left. Jesse joins the chase behind Daisy. All the Dukes continue to chase Jenkins, Coy and Vance cutting him off and forcing him to stop. Jenkins tries to run, but Coy catches him. Vance and Coy confront Jenkins about the plates while Jesse and Daisy change the plates. Jenkins offers a trade, they let him go for some information. When the boys agree, he tells them that Big Daddy’s driver is a well known conman and if he’s hanging around Big Daddy, then Big Daddy must be crooked too. The boys say that they won’t take the deal and Jesse reveals he already took the plate. He bolts, trying to push Jesse’s pickup down the hill at the Dukes. As the four Dukes avoid it, he runs away, driving off in his own truck. Coy checks the truck while Vance checks Jesse and Daisy. They put their plate back on the General and Daisy asks about the driver being a con man. The Dukes all agree they have to talk to Boss about a few things and head to town, calling Cooter to get the pickup.

Police Department

Big Daddy talks to Boss in his office while Rosco and Ernie watch. When Big Daddy asks about how Boss is always able to stock up on so much cash, Rosco tells him there is a safe in the office and he’s seen Boss put $50,000 in it. Big Daddy is shocked and asks if Boss will let him put some money in. Boss agrees and when he opens the safe, Ernie pulls a gun on them. Ernie pretends to betray Big Daddy and ties up the three together before leaving with the money.

Enos and Cletus return to town and Cletus parks the car right behind Big Daddy’s car, which is behind Enos’ car that was already at the police department. Enos and Cletus bicker as they walk away. Inside Ernie finishes tying up the three men and leaves. They begin to hop over to the window.

Ernie gets outside to see his car is blocked in. Ernie gets frustrated but sees the General arrive with Dixie. He runs over and makes Vance get back in the General and has Coy stand on the side with Daisy and Jesse. Boss and Big Daddy are confused and Daisy gives chase with the other Dukes in Dixie. Boss and his group hop to the door but Cletus and Enos come in, knocking all five to the ground.


Vance drives and asks Ernie if they can talk about this. Ernie tells him to just shut up and drive.

Police Department

Boss sends Enos, Cletus, and Rosco after Vance and Ernie, shoving the three out the door together before slamming it closed behind them. Outside, Rosco says that Vance went up 111 and they will go north to the junction and cut him off. However as they head out of town, Enos and Cletus accidentally hit Rosco to his annoyance. After a moment of bickering, they head out.


Ernie checks that the road is clear behind them. Meanwhile Daisy continues the chase but keeps back far enough to not be spotted. Ernie has Vance stop and tells him to get out of the car. Ernie tells Vance he’ll be taking the General but they are both distracted by Daisy’s arrival. Vance says he won’t be stealing the car and knocks away Ernie’s gun. Ernie tries to drive away and Vance attempts the hang onto the side but falls. Daisy and the others stop, checking on Vance. Daisy wants to chase after Ernie to get the General back, but the others says they won’t be able to check up in her jeep. Daisy brushes off Vance as Jesse says they need to go report the incident to Rosco. Jesse drives and the boys try and figure out why the car got stolen. Vance suggests Ernie was running from something. Daisy points out Rosco and Enos’ cars that have caught up. Jesse calls Rosco on the CB, explaining that Big Daddy’s chauffeur kidnapped Vance and the General. Rosco refuses to believe him and informs them about the $100,000 robbery. The Dukes are surprised and Jesse says he’ll lose Rosco.

Town of Hazzard

Boss walks Big Daddy to his car as he prepares to leave. He gives Boss some advice as a father, keeping to 6 or 7 meals a day, clean well, and remember how much he loves him. Boss thanks his father for everything he’s done and watches him drive away. Boss says he’s so lucky to have a daddy like that.


Ernie checks their loot.

Jesse continues to drive from Rosco, Enos, and Cletus, leading them around a hard turn. Enos accidentally hits Rosco as they attempt a turn and the two officers begin to bicker, running Enos off the road. Cletus scolds Enos as the Dukes all laugh. Rosco continues the chase.

Up ahead, Cooter is coming down the road with Jesse’s pickup when he notices Big Daddy’s car on the backnroad. Confused, he stops and gets out to see what is going on. He sees Big Daddy pick up Ernie where the General is parked, the two getting excited before heading off. Cooter runs back to his truck and calls the Duke Family.

Rosco continues to chase after the Dukes and they conclude that Big Daddy was behind it all and they feel bad about Boss. Jesse decides he needs to tell Boss. He calls Boss, who is in his office eating watermelons. Boss asks where they are and why they stole the money. Jesse tells Boss what they learned, and Boss becomes very offended. Annoyed, Jesse gives Vance the CB and Vance invites Boss to come out with them. Boss says he’s coming out but only to arrest them for slandering Big Daddy’s name. Annoyed, Vance gives up and Coy takes the CB, saying it doesn’t matter to them what Boss things so long as he comes. Coy says they are out on 102 by the river crossroads, and Boss rushes out.

Town of Hazzard

Boss rushes to his car, eating his watermelon as he does. He gets in his Cadillac and heads out, stating to doubt his father due to the fact Jesse never lies.


The Dukes find the General. After stopping Dixie, all four get in the General, leaving the jeep to get later. Rosco comes up behind them, following the General Lee now. Boss catches up, falling in line behind Rosco. Surprised, Rosco asks Boss why he’s there and Boss explains the accusations over the CB.

Ernie and Big Daddy are surprised to see the group come up behind them. Ernie tries his best to flee but Coy starts gaining on him. Vance asks if Coy can cut them off past Devil’s Ridge and Coy agrees. When Coy goes the other way, Rosco and Boss continue chasing Big Daddy. Coy jumps so that he lands in front of the limo, cutting the limo off. Ernie pulls a gun on them all but Big Daddy says they are caught. Rosco approaches them and arrests Ernie. Boss is shocked to learn that Big Daddy really did set up a scam. Boss accuses him of never being an insurance salesman or earning an honest dollar. Boss is suddenly happy though, concluding this is where he got it from. The Dukes are amused. Big Daddy returns the money and Boss and Rosco let them leave.

Balladeer: Boss naturally let Big Daddy off the hook, blood being thicker than water, kinfolks and all that roots and kind of stuff. Besides that, old Boss got his money back, right? Wrong. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled. Because Boss stays in Hazzard, but out there someplace, Big Daddy is running loose.

Boss and Rosco check the money bag to find there is $5,000 missing. Boss becomes upset, yelling after his father’s limo. The Dukes are even more amused and Boss runs to the CB. He tells Big Daddy he still has $5,000 of Boss’ money. Big Daddy responds that he knows. Boss is upset at first, but then becomes happy. Rosco thinks he’s snapped and reminds him his dad just stole from him. Boss says he wouldn’t have it any other way and Rosco becomes happy too. The Dukes head back for Dixie.


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  • This is the last episode that Cletus Hogg is in
    • Cletus returns in the reunion movies as a deputy again
  • This episode introduces Big Daddy. The only mention of Boss Hogg's father before was in Daisy's Song when the Balladeer stated he was a sharecropper.
  • The Balladeer Comments that Rosco was once a rent-a-cop at the all night pizza parlor on Frontage Road.
  • Big Daddy implies that Boss was thinner in his younger days
  • Despite how much time Big Daddy has been gone in Boss' life, Jesse Duke knows him enough to recognize him on sight
  • In this episode Big Daddy remarks 'Blood is thicker than water but money is thicker than blood'. Boss Hogg and Hughie Hogg have told each other in previous episodes.