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Big Jim Downey is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Rosco says he is known for being mean and that he plants more bodies than a dog does bones. He is well known enough that Bo and Luke have heard about him.


Granny Annie[]

Boss Hogg calls him about selling him engraving plates. He arrives in Hazzard to the Boar’s Nest and looks over the counterfeit $5 Boss has. He shows it to Vic, commenting that it’s good looking merchandise before offering $25,000. When Boss goes to look at the money Vic brought, he tells Boss he wants the engraving plates first. Boss says Jim sure surprised him by how fast he got there and that Boss didn’t keep them at the Boar’s Nest. Annoyed, he grabs Boss by his shoulders and tells him he doesn’t like playing games. He pushes Boss into his chair remarking ‘there’s the money, now where’s the plates?’ and Boss tells him they are safe. Boss says an associate of his out looking for them, getting his attention, and Boss quickly says that his associate is picking them up. Boss suggests he goes home and he cuts off Boss saying he’s not leaving town until he gets what he came for and he’ll be at the hotel. Boss says he’ll call him there and he tells Boss to do that. He tells Boss that if there are no plates, Vic is likely to lose his temper, and when Vic loses his temper, something terrible might happen. After Vic makes his point, they leave.

While in the hotel eating, he gets a call form Boss. He asks if the plates were delivered and Boss says of course and asks if Big Jim doubted him. He says he’ll be there in a little while with $25 thousand. Boss says he meant to tell him that the price is $50 thousand. Furious Jim tells him they made a deal for 25 and that he warned Boss not to make him angry. Boss says his price is still 50 and for him to take it or leave it. Trying to contain his anger, he says Boss is not a nice man but he’ll take it. Boss says he wants cash and Jim roars that he doesn’t have that much with him. Boss tells him to get it and he says he’ll see Boss this afternoon with the money.

He goes over to the Boar’s Nest after getting the money. Looking at the plates he says they are good and they are worth it. He dumps out the money for Boss before putting the plates in his suitcase.

As they head down the road the car stalls out. Bo, Luke, and B.B. Davenport approach them and asks if they are having issues and that B.B. is the best mechanic in the county. B.B. says he won’t charge them as he’s off duty and just being neighborly. Jim tells Vic to let him look as the only thing Vic knows is where to put the key. He hides the plates in the car and looks out the window where Bo and Vic are. When the car starts smoking, Bo pulls him out of the car. He says to wait as he needs to get the plates but Bo pulls him to the field and holds him on the ground. When Luke says everything is fine now, Bo helps him up. B.B. tells him if they wait he will go get them a new oil seal from the garage. Suspicious he opens the suitcase and becomes angry, telling ‘them three neighborly good old boys’ work for Boss.

They return to the Boar’s Nest and he starts counting back his money. Boss says he has no idea what is going on and Jim says he’s willing to give Boss credit. He says that the three boys did a good job and should go on stage ‘especially that boy named Luke’. Boss says he can explain and he tells Boss it’s too late, pulling out a gun and telling him ‘let’s go.’ Boss asks where to and he says someplace Boss isn’t coming back from.

As they ride in the car, Boss tells him he just had his annual physical exam and he was told he would live a long time and Jim wouldn’t want to make a liar out of a man who took the ‘hypocritical oath’. Jim just ignores him. When Bo and Luke drive up, Jim yells for Vic to lose them and Boss says they’ll never lose the Dukes as he’s been trying for years. They are forced to crash.

He is helped out by Jim and they are taken into custody by Rosco.