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Big John is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Repo Men[]

Big John works with Joey and his team to make counter fit plates. They buy a Rolls Royce from Ace as a cover. While checking over the Rolls, he holds the leash to their Doberman before taking the dog in the house.

Later he hears something and looks out the window. When asked who is it by Joey, he tells him it’s just a few farmers at the gate and asks what Joey wants to do. Joey comes to look an tells him to ignore them. He continues to watch them however and when he sees Bo and Luke go for the Rolls, he announces to everyone that the boys are stealing the car before grabbing the dog and running to the door. When Bo goes to put the repossession papers on the door, he opens it to let the dog go. Seeing Bo and Luke run from the dog and leap over the fence, he goes with Joey and Joey’s girlfriend to track the two down. While looking through the woods he hears Joey’s girlfriend scream and he runs over to help her only to crash into her and accidentally shove her down. He sees Bo and takes a swing at him but gets hit on the back by Luke with a tree branch before Bo shoves him in the pond.

When locking up the Rolls in the barn, he assures Joey that they will protect the car, demonstrating his shooting skill and saying that is the last sound anyone who tries to steal the car will hear.

After the plates are completed, he puts them in the hiding place Joey created in the Rolls. When he goes inside they hear the barn alarm go off and they run back outside. He starts shooting at Luke and Cooter who drive away in the Rolls. He runs into the house for his shot gun and ammo before getting in Joey’s car and perusing Luke. When they reach the gate he shoots off the lock that was put on it by the Dukes. As they chase the Rolls, Bo pulls up and starts tearing apart the car. He gets the shot gun and attempts to shoot at Bo, but the recoil knocks him from the car and he rolls down a hill.

The next day they arrive at Ace’s to get the car back, seeing the Dukes leaving. He is horrified to see the Rolls was crushed. Rosco notices the plate and tells them if they don’t get out of his county in the next few minutes he will be calling the FBI. They flee.