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Billie Ann Baxley, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Coy vs. Vance[]

After meeting at the State Fair in Hatchape county, she goes on three dates with Coy Duke for three nights in a row. Later she rides on the back of a motorcycle with Coy. He asks her how he’s doing and she says he is the best student she ever had. She is amused as Coy and Vance play on the roads, Coy jumping the bike a few times until Jesse says that is enough. She and Coy head to Hazzard to get settled in.

They arrive in Hazzard and she gets off the bike as Coy greets Kate. She tells Coy that Hazzard seems like a cozy little town. Coy says they will pretty up the place, and pets her hair as she smiles. When Kate goes to get the bags, Coy offers to help. She laughs, watching amused as Coy helps carry in bags to the bed and breakfast they are staying at. After she has Coy show her around town.

After getting settled, they dress up their motorcycles to look like police bikes and disguise themselves as police officers before finding Boss Hogg’s Cadillac. They spot Boss and Rosco and pull them over. She pulls on a gun on them to cover them as they get out of the car. When one of the balloons pops, Boss becomes frantic thinking they shot him but she puts a hand on him to ground him before shoving him against the car. She pats down Boss, taking his cufflinks, chain, diamond ring, and $862 before shooting out the tires and getting on her bike, leaving with her sister.

After getting the their hideout, they take off the disguises, celebrating. Kate praises her, saying she was great and she thanks her. When Kate remarks about the law’s incompetence, saying they are going to like it a lot in Hazzard, she happily says ‘I know I am.’ Kate tells her that they got a good thing going and not to mess it up because of Coy. After Kate gives her a list of things to do.

She goes on a date with Coy, who picks her up in the General. He tells her he wants to take her to the Boar’s Nest as it really jumps and she tells him that she did enough jumping on her bike at the fair. She says she just wants to be with him and kisses Coy before they hear sirens. Coy claims he hears bells before recognizing Rosco and Enos, asking what they want. Rosco tells him over the C.B. to pull over and while Coy talks to him, she becomes alarmed about the construction site that Coy jumps over. They see Rosco end up with a toilet on his car and Rosco and Enos stop. She tells Coy that ‘now I’ve seen everything’ and she thought her and Kate put on thrills. As Coy drives she asks if that is the way to the Boar’s Nest and he says he’s actually taking her to ‘Lover’s Glen’.

After arriving, she holds Coy, saying he was right and it’s beautiful. He rubs her shoulders agreeing and says he has strong feelings about her. She says he is the best thing to come into her life and he calls her beautiful before they kiss.

They next day they pull over a man to rob when they see Enos pull up. Kate orders them to flee and they drive away from Enos, losing him when he jumps into a pond.

While waiting for Coy to come pick them up for the Boar’s Nest, they hear a fight outside the hotel and run out to see Coy, Vance, and Daisy. She runs up to Coy to check on him when he tells them that Vance was snooping around the van and Kate offers to show him. When it is shown to be empty, Coy tells them that Vance thinks they are the thieves. Coy tells her that Vance will do anything to break them up but Daisy says that isn’t what is going on. Vance apologizes to them and he and Daisy leave. Coy tries to reassure her, saying not to let it bother her and they should go get some lunch.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to learn that Boss demoted Rosco and made Enos the Sheriff. Coy tries to invite Enos to a picnic with them in the morning, but Enos admits to moving all the cash receipts from the Boar’s Nest in the morning.

The next morning, they pack up to leave. As they take the stuff out to the van, she says she still doesn’t see what difference a week would make. Kate says that one week will be jail time. As they leave time, Kate tells her that she doesn’t care about Billie Ann’s feelings for Coy. She says she is serious about Coy and Kate says she warned her about getting involved. Kate says that she’s done and if Billie Ann wants, she can stay in Hazzard with Coy.

They pull off at the barn and start getting ready for the hit. As she finished putting on the police uniform, she is upset to see Vance come inside. Vance tells her that they need to talk before asking where Kate is. Kate takes Vance hostage with a gun. Vance wrestles with her for the gun and Kate yells for her to help. She freezes for a moment, debating on what to do. She chooses to remain with her sister and picks up a table, hitting Vance and knocking him out. Kate ties him up and she asks if Vance is okay and if she hurt him, but obeys. She begs to call the whole thing off but Kate says there is no way and the damage had already been done anyway. She insists she doesn’t want to leave Coy and Kate yells at her to forget it as she has no chance now.

After tying up Vance, they prepare to leave. Kate says they will take care of Vance later and she gives him one last look before they go.

They set up and ambush and wait for the police cars. When they take a while, she starts to get nervous asking where they are but Kate tells her not to worry.

They see Enos, Boss, and Rosco come by and Kates says it’s time to nail them. She sadly follows her sister and they chase after the police officers. To get the officer’s attention, they start firing into the air. When the two officers run off the road, they stop and hold them at gunpoint, taking the money before heading back to their hideout.

Upon their return, they find Vance is gone. She becomes upset, saying everyone will now know about them. Kate hears a car and says they need to make a run for it. Heartbroken, she agrees. As they drive off on their stunt bikes, the General Lee follows. They try to lose the general by jumping a creek, going through a drain pipe, and jumping a construction site but the General remains behind them. When Kate starts shooting, she protests saying Coy is back there. Kate continues to shoot. Unable to let her sister do it, she hits their bikes together causing them both to fall. Coy helps her sit up, pulling off her helmet as he props her against his leg. He holds her and she asks if he’s okay. He says he is and asks if she is. She tearfully apologizes to him and Coy says they could really have been something. She is arrested and taken to jail.