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Billie Tucker is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


In November of 1982, Billie and Bull move to Rapaho County. She forces a ‘sudden election’ to which she wins the County Commissioner seat.


Hazzard Hustle[]

As she exits the Rapaho Drug Store, Bull runs up to her. He informs her about Boss Hogg running an illegal horse betting parlor in her county. Furious she asks how Bull found out. He says it’s all over town and she remarks ‘well let’s get going honey-child’. She adds that nobody cuts in on ‘Big Billie Tucker’. She drives to the parlor.

They arrive in the parlor and she is furious to see the number of people. They move along the back and slip into the back room. Boss and Rosco immediately tell them they can’t come back there. After Bull gets their attention she remarks ‘might I introduce myself?’ before explaining she is the County Commissioner. When Boss asks since when, and explains’ he’s never heard of her she explains that it is a new development. She addresses them as ‘sweeties’ and asks who is in charge. Bull says it can’t be either of them. After a silent threat from Bull, they agree to which she remarks ‘now you’re getting our drift cookies’. She tells them she wants to know who has been running the side show as they have been siphoning off all her dough and they want their cut. Boss and Rosco says that the Duke Family ran the entire thing, showing them proof by the fact the phone number for the parlor is the same as the Duke Family’s in the phone book. After confirming it, she remarks that they are using their own number and asks ‘ain’t they dumb’. Boss tells them how to find the Dukes. They leave to find them.

She pulls into the Duke Farm and comments that it’s a ‘heck of a front for some big operators’. They go up to the door. She knocks at the door before being invited in. She meets Vance, Coy, Jesse, and Daisy. She addresses them all as ‘sweeties’ and introduces herself. Jesse introduces them all and asks what they can do for her. She says she will keep it short and sweet and all of the money is coming out of her county and she wants a cut of the horse room action. Coy asks what they are talking about. When the Dukes protest they have nothing to do with it, she adds that all the phones at the warehouse where the Duke Farm’s number. Jesse says her fight is with Boss Hogg and she get mad, telling him not to try and con her and she’s warning him. She tells them that she’s tried of fooling around and don’t buy their cop out. She asks if they get a piece but will someone get hurt. Vance admits it was him and Coy who were behind it. When Coy and Vance agree to go with them to the horse room, she remarks ‘now you’re talking sweetie’ and they leave. However on their way out, Coy hits Bull with the screen door and the boys drive away. She chases after them in her car. The boys jump the creek and unable to follow, she stops. The front two tires slide off the creek bank and she gets out of the car. She tells Bull to see if he can push it back up, which he does. She says they are going back to the horse parlor and teaching the Dukes a lesson.

After going to the warehouse, they see that the entire operation was packed up. When Bull says they took off, she agrees saying they sure ain’t there and that her and Bull will go back to the Duke Farm.

After arriving at the Farm, she waits outside while Bull looks for the Dukes. He comes outside saying they aren’t in there and she says they are going to have to track the Duke’s down.

While driving, they spot the General Lee with Vance climbing down a telephone poll. She stops. She goes to let Bull handle it and when the boys drive away she tells Bull to get in the car before chasing after them. After they jump the creek, she attempts to follow but crashes her car, allowing them to escape.

They spend the night at the J.D. Hogg Ritz Plaza Hotel and resume the search for the Dukes the next day. She gives Bull a disapproving look when he vents his anger by ripping off the passenger door of the car.

As she drives around, she recognizes Erza Colley’s red pickup. She remarks that he is a betting man and she wonders where he’s coming from. She follows the road back to the Grange Hall. They remark they found the place before heading inside through the back. She tells Boss and Rosco that after all the trouble they caused them, they will be taking all the money. Boss asks if they can talk about it and she says they had their chance, now button up and no one better follow them or they will get shot. She grabs the suitcase and they leave.

As they drive away, Vance and Coy come up behind them. When dynamite goes off in front of the car, she evades. When a second one goes off, she goes up on the bank and flips the car. Vance and Coy make a citizen’s arrest.