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Billy Boy Harper is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Duke vs. Duke[]

After getting their lessons for the day, he is the second saying that his ma’s rule two is to always use your own deck so you know how the cards are marked.

When the phone rings, the three follow their mother out to answer it. They hear it is Boss Hogg. When his mom says that if Boss loses the bet she will send Junior to get the losings, he looks at his brother and smirks. Ma explains that Boss only bets on sure things and that is why she is going to make the same bet with another Bookie, adding $5,000 to make a profit. She then remarks 'come along children' and they go back inside.

Later they listen to their mom talk to Boss, doubling his bet on Rosco in the upcoming race, and she says if he loses she will send all three boys. Ma tells them they are headed to Hazzard to insure their bets.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest, meeting Daisy who he checks out before following his mom into Boss Hogg’s office. Ma introduces him to Boss and he shakes Boss’ hand, squeezing hard making Boss yelp in pain. When his mom explains they are there to protect their interests, Billy Gene puts an arm around his shoulders explaining the two of them are entering their own cars. When their mother ‘reminds’ Boss about two mailed entries for the race so that Billy Boy and Billy Gene can enter, the three threaten Boss and he agrees to let them compete. They then go outside to see Rosco jump the car and spotting two other cars.

The night he and Billy Gene go to the Duke Farm and sneak into the barn. When Billy Gene gets in the General, he goes to open the door but Luke cuts him off, saying the car won’t start before he punches Billy Boy. After Luke throws him over the hood of the General, Bo holds him down so Luke can put a tire over him and his brother. Jesse and Daisy come in and Daisy says they were at the Boar’s Nest. Jesse tells them to go on back and tell Boss that his scheme didn’t work. Jesse adds if he sees them again he will make a citizens’ arrest. Bo and Luke help them up and push them out of the barn. They flee.

As they get ready for the race, their mom reminds them through a radio that they are not in the race to win and to wreck all the cars that get near Rosco ‘but be sweet about it’ and that she wants to be proud of them. They start the race, following the pack around a large amount of glass Rosco threw in the road. After Rosco fills the road with smoke, they pull over with the others until the smoke clears. When Bo and Luke leave the course, they follow. They try a squeeze play on Bo and Luke but the boys move, causing them to crash into each other and wreck.

After the race they collect Boss Hogg's losings and return home to be arrested by the State Police.