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Billy Joe Billings is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzardville Horror[]

After Daisy locks up the Boar’s Nest and leaves with Bo and Luke, he moves the van to the back door. He gets out of the van and nervously looks around while his father works on opening the door, accidentally bumping into him from behind. When they get inside Boss Hogg’s office, he starts gathering up silver. He drops an item and his father scolds him causing him to apologize. When his father asks him what he always tells him to think about he asks if he has to say it and can’t he just think it. When his father insists he remarks ‘a good thief is a calm thief.’

At the Pringle house, he brings silver over to the smelter. He puts a few of the items into the molten silver in the pot to melt down as well to turn into silver bars. As his father helps him he asks how he ever came across this set up. He is told his father’s old cellmate in prison.

When Mary Lou Pringle comes in, he watches her through the peep holes. His father tells him she’ll hold for a while, but he doesn’t immediately follow. His father pulls him away twice before he comes but he drops a piece of silver down the stairs. When his father talks about what they still got to steal, he says that silver is small potatoes and they should be stealing from the bank. His father scolds him and he agrees but says if the girl gets in their way they are going to take care of her. Claude says if she does, Billy Joe can have her.

Later they set up a lot of the tricks to scare Mary Lou. When Bo, Luke, and Daisy come in, he tells his father they should have done it his way as instead of scaring the woman out, they are bringing people in. When the four leave, claiming the place is haunted, he and Claude go back to work.

They go outside to watch the group leave before heading out to steal more. After hitting Judge Peabody they head to Boss’ only to see him and his police department moving the silver and saying criminals never return to the scene of the crime. He tries to confirm that they are not going back to the Boar’s Nest but his father says they are.

They arrive at the Pringle house to see the General Lee. After watching Mary Lou and Luke leave, he says that from what he recalls there should be one more. He says the last one must still be inside, drawing his gun. They sneak inside and spot Bo. They sneak up behind him and he goes to hit Bo with a shovel. Bo turns around and blocks him before knocking him down and causing him to drop his gun. Bo then pulls him up and punches him. Billy Joe gets up again and attacks Bo but Bo is knocked unconscious. His father helps him up and says they need to go. Billy Joe says to skip the silver and go for the bank but his father refuses, telling him to listen to his daddy and help tie Bo up.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and he waits as his father picks the lock. They go inside to see Boss and Mary Lou. He yells for them to freeze, holding out his pistol and becomes alarmed when Boss drops his gun and it goes off. He keeps them covered as his father takes all the silver. After they load up and leave, nearly hitting Jesse Duke as they go. They laugh as they leave, celebrating.

As he drives he remarks it looks like clear sailing and asks his father how he’s doing. When he is told he’s ready to start melting the silver, Billy Joe remarks ‘hot doggie Pa!’ However a few moments later he is alarmed by the sirens and yells that the fuzz is after them and they don’t have time to melt the silver. Claude says he needs more time. He pulls out a gun and starts shooting but Luke hits him with a baton making him drop the gun. He watches Luke climb onto the roof and tries to warn his father. The van fills with smoke and he is forced to stop. He gets out to be tackled by Luke. They are arrested by Rosco and Cletus.