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Bily Joe Coogan, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Ransom of Hazzard County[]

Boss calls him and says he is offering him the job of deputy sheriff of Hazzard county. In shock he asks that it isn’t a kind of joke and Boss assures him it’s not. He says Boss needs to understand him being shook up as he’s done a lot of jobs for him but never on the side of the law. Boss says it’s going to be his best scam yet and he will get a nice piece of the action. He remarks ‘Deputy Cogan’ adding that it sounds strange but he’ll take it. Boss is happy and tells him to get to Hazzard ‘on the double.’ He says he’s on his way and he’ll see them soon, addressing Boss as ‘commissioner’. He hangs up and tells Eddie that was the break they’ve been waiting for. Eddie says they have been looking for a big hit and this just got handed to them. He adds with him on the inside and Eddie on the outside they will rip off the yokels from Hazzard and make a killing.

After arriving in Hazzard he waits in the Boar’s Nest in uniform until Boss calls him into the bar to introduce him to everyone. He walks up to Boss, by Rosco and Enos before saluting and saying ‘reporting for duty.’ Boss introduces him to the people and he gives a small wave. Luke remarks they didn’t waste time to replace Enos and Bo asks Billy Joe where he came from. Boss says he’s from Cedar City. He is given Enos’ badge and gun before he goes with Boss and Rosco to Boss’ office.

When they go to the police station, Boss and Rosco take Enos to his new office. He uses the opportunity to snoop around Boss’ office, finding a secret ledger showing Boss having scammed over 150 thousand dollars from the county. Hearing Boss and Rosco return, he puts the book back, relocks the drawer, and goes into the booking office. Boss tells Rosco to get all the scams up and he remarks Boss really got this figured out. Rosco says the only thing that can mess this up is the Dukes. Rosco addresses him, getting his name incorrect and orders him to find the Dukes and arrest them. He says not to worry as he won’t let nothing mess up this sweet deal and he’ll take care of the Dukes.

He waits on the road side for the General before chasing after it. As he drives he starts firing his gun in the air. Ahead, a tree is across the road and the boys stop. He stops and gets out, ordering them to ‘get out of that car and spread ‘em’ while pointing a gun at Bo, the closer one. Luke tells him to hang on a second and Bo says he has no call to be shooting at them. He says the badge is all the call he needs. He tells them to ‘spread’ again as they are both under arrest. Luke asks what for and asks if he’s going to start in on the phony traffic citations. He says they are in a lot deeper than that, as not only were they speeding but he’s charging them with evading arrest. He moves toward the boys, telling them to get against the car saying ‘before I spread you myself all over this landscape’. Luke turns and swings at him and he ducks before hitting Luke in the face. Seeing Bo turn around he kicks him hard, sending Bo down before firing his pistol in the air and yelling for them to cool it. He says they aren’t dealing with Enos or that ‘boob sheriff’. He tells Luke to get on the hood of the car and says they better follow orders or they might not make it. He puts the gun away, grabbing Bo and cuffing his arm. Luke calls him ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ and asks where Boss and Rosco found him while Bo protests that the cuffs are tight enough. He tells them they have another charge and cuffs Luke. He says he’s going to throw them both in the jud and impound their car. Bo protests that he can’t do that and he tells Bo to watch him before pushing them into the car.

After having the boys and the General locked up, he watches Jesse and Daisy come to the police department to bail the boys out. After Jesse pays the bail, Rosco hands him the keys and he lets the boys out. Bo snaps at him saying they got no seed corn. He tells the boys that he’ll be dealing with them again and he’ll get them back in. Jesse calms the boys and they leave but he shoves Daisy yelling for them to move it. Jesse rounds on him, alarming him, but the boys drag him away. He yells that he wants them out of the building and Bo gets in his face saying he has no right. As Bo leaves with his family, he follows him to the door saying if he ever sees them again he will lock them up and throw away the keys. Boss tells him to do that. They celebrate the victory and he and Boss leave to check on the moonshine deliveries. Boss says that after he needs to start giving out citations.

He leaves the Police Station and goes to get in his patrol car when Eddie speeds by. He pretends to chase after him and pull him over. Loudly, he asks what Eddie thought he was doing and asks for his license. While he pretends to write out a ticket, he quietly tells Eddie he hit something big, that he got a look at Boss Hogg’s secret ledger and he skimmed over 150 grand from the county funds and put it in a hidden account. Eddie asks how they plan to get it. He admits not yet as Boss is as sticky fingered as they come and Eddie suggests a con game but says no as Boss wrote the book. He suggests maybe the scare it out of Boss and Eddie suggests they use a bomb threat as they used that once before. Billy Joe agrees, saying he can write a ransom note demanding the county funds or they will wreck the town. He says for Eddie to wreck something as an example and Eddie agrees, leaving for Greenville. After leaving, he notices a woman crossing the street and calls out to her, asking her to move to the side of the road as he is going to cite her for jaywalking. When she gives him a startled look he tells her it’s alright and to come to the side of the road.

After writing the ransom note, Eddie calls him to say the bomb is set. He tells Eddie to stand by before heading to Boss’ office. As he goes to enter, Flash barks at him and he yells at her saying ‘shut up mutt.’ He puts the note under the phone before returning to the booking room.

Boss and Rosco return and the phone rings with Clyde asking for Boss. He hands over the phone and they learn the boys busted the General out of the impound. Boss tosses him the phone and he hangs it up, telling Boss not to worry as he’ll round up the boys and ‘toss them back in the jug.’ Boss and Rosco goes into the office and he waits a moment before following them in, hearing Rosco read the note he left. Boss becomes upset and he asks if anything is wrong. He listens to Boss and Rosco bicker about the ransom and he says the note sounds like the men mean business and his advice is to pay it. As Boss and Rosco continue to fight, he goes to the window, pulling on his ear to signal Eddie. He goes back to stand by Boss and Rosco while Eddie threatens him on the phone. They go to the window to see Eddie blow up Rosco’s car. He goes outside with Boss and Rosco to see the destroyed car and the crowd it drew. When the Dukes ask about the ‘Doomsday Gang’ who Rosco is talking about, he says they will destroy the whole town and the car was just a warning. When Bo and Luke tie his partner to the bombing, he quickly tells Boss that he is advising him to pay the men off. He becomes annoyed as the people of Hazzard decide they don’t want to pay the ransom anyway and Luke remembers that he gave Eddie a ticket. When Bo agrees he says the two of them need to leave the law enforcement to him as he’s going to arrest them for breaking out their car. Boss however stops him and says he wants him looking for the bombers. He leaves with Rosco.

He meets with Eddie, telling him that blowing up the patrol car didn’t work. He says they need to show the hicks that they really mean business. Eddie suggests a building and he pulls out a map, saying he’s through fooling around especially with the Duke boys getting nosy. He says they need to hit the farmers where they live. After looking over the map he suggests the Hazzard dam, circling it on the map.

They go out to the dam and he says that is perfect and that’s it. He says if they don’t get paid this time they will flood them all out. Eddie expresses that it would take a lot of dynamite. He tells Eddie they don’t need to blow it up, pointing out the spillway turn valves and says all they need to do is open them. Eddie agrees.