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Billy Joe Fong is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Billy Joe and his sister Scarlett are the only Chinese family in Hazzard and are a well loved family. Billy Joe owns the CB and Radio Store in the Town of Hazzard.


Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

Billy Joe goes over to Cooter’s garage and brows his welder to fix is wok. Seeing the General pull up he comments ‘well hush my puppies, if it ain’t them good ol’ Duke boys’ before asking how they are doing. Bo greets him and he says he was borrowing the torch for his wok. Bo reach out to touch it, burning his hand. He watches Cooter and Miz Tisdale come out of the garage, Cooter loaning her a motorcycle while he works on hers. He hears the boys explain that Miz Tisdale is being framed for mail fraud. When Rosco comes out of the post office, Bo puts Miz Tisdale in the General. Luke turns to him saying he is the closest to Miz Tisdale in size and they need him to do a big favor. Excited he pulls off the welding helmet yelling ‘hot dang, you got it good buddy’ and Luke puts the shall on him as he laughs. Cooter ties a blanket around his waist like a skirt as Luke puts the helmet on his head. Bo comes over and the three of them help him on the motorcycle. Luke says he’s looking good as Bo fixes his ‘skirt’. Billy Joe playfully slaps Bo on the arm saying ‘now don’t get fresh young fella’.

Billy Joe drives off with the three pushing the bike. He immediately struggles keeping the bike under control and starts yelling in Chinese. He cheers and yells at a car that nearly hits him to get out of the way before turning and driving back toward the garage, almost accidentally hitting Cooter, Bo, and Luke in the process. He starts laughing, enjoying it as Rosco chases after him.

He leads Rosco on a chase down a dirt road and loses him when he passes a construction zone.

He drives up to the Duke Farm on the motorcycle and Bo greets him from the window. He asks Billy Joe to stash the motorcycle in the barn and says after he and Luke will take Billy Joe back to town. He comments ‘y’all got it good buddy’ before driving into the barn, yelling the whole time again.

He greets Daisy, Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Miz Tisdale into his shop, telling them to make themselves at home. He shows them the storeroom remarking ‘set yourselves down a spell and I’ll whoop you up a fine dinner’. He tells them he is making southern fried wontons, sweet and sour hog chows, and chitlin chow mein.  The boys politely decline, saying they need to find this ‘John Smith’ character. As Bo, Luke, and Daisy leave to find the man, he grins calling ‘hurry back you hear?’ and finishes cooking for Miz Tisdale and Jesse.