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Billy Ray is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

While at the Boar’s Nest he watches Luke fix a mirror. He asks Catfish how much he thinks it weighs and is impressed when Catfish assumes around 200 pounds on each side. He says it would take a mighty strong boy to hold all that up. Catfish agrees and he asks Catfish to head over to Luke and see if he can set him up like they did in Choctaw. When Catfish goes to get up he stops him for a moment saying they could make a killing in the jerkwater town. He watches Catfish trick Luke into a fight and smash the mirror Boss Hogg just set up and get arrested. He smacks Catfish’s stomach in amusement to which Catfish says Luke hits pretty hard.

In the back office, he proposes to Boss and Cletus about a boxing match between Catfish and Luke. Boss says Catfish already ‘whipped my boy’ and he tells Boss hasn’t he heard that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s how you play. He says they play for money and explains that the winner gets 75% of the gate and the loser 25%. Boss asks about food and he says that’s Boss’ and if Boss wants to mess around with concessions, he’ll even throw in gambling. He asks if they got a deal and Boss shakes his hand. He says he wants to make up the contract and for Boss to put his ‘boy’ in training.

He calls Mr. Culpepper and tells him they have their usual set up. He is told to get some space in town for a training camp to make it look legit.

He goes to the garage and sees Cooter, renting out the space for fifty dollars. He says they’ll use it for training. Cooter smirks asking if he’s ever heard of inflation. He asks that it isn’t enough before taking the money and telling Cooter to forget it. Cooter says he will and Billy Ray pauses. He waves Cooter back and tells him he will give him 100 and that is his best offer so take it or leave it. Cooter agrees and they shake hands. Cooter then tells him if he had been nice he would have let him have it for 50. Annoyed he tells Cooter he was prepared to go for 150. Cooter says he’s a real 'wheeler dealer'. He then leaves.

While training in the garage, he holds the punching bag and tells Catfish to give a little more power out of the left. Catfish hits it, breaking the rope holding it up and throwing him back. He tells Catfish that if nothing else they know they still has his left hook. Catfish helps him up.

At Boss’ office, he shows him the contract and explains it’s the same contract they have used in 33 fights, handing a pencil over. Boss says he’s checking the small print and Billy Ray explains they have Catfish and they don’t need no small print. He sees Boss sign the paper and goes to take it but pauses and says Boss signed where he signed. Boss says he didn’t, that he signed by the X for his signature. Billy Ray explains that the 'x' was his handwriting.

On the day of the fight he reviews the contract with Mr. Culpepper showing him that if one of the fighters don’t show up within a half hour of starting time then all the money goes to the other party. After they turn back to watch Catfish.

As Boss is trying to calm down the people when Luke doesn’t arrive, he approaches Boss and tells him it’s getting close to forfeit time. Shocked Boss asks what he’s talking about and he explains that in the contract if Luke doesn’t show, they forfeit. Boss follows him as they leave the ring, asking if he can listen to reason and they can work out something. Boss offers a substitute in the ring but he says then he would only get 75% and there is no deal before walking away.

While waiting to see if the other side will forfeit, they stand in the corner of the ring as Daisy sings the Star Spangled Banner. When Boss has Daisy sing it again, he approaches Boss and grabs him by his jacket. He tells Boss to stop stalling and if Luke isn’t there ‘in exactly’ but is interrupted by Luke’s arrival.

He goes over to see Catfish, who asks what is Luke doing there. He says he doesn’t know and something must have gone wrong and they are really in a fix now. Catfish says it’s Luke who is in the fix. As the first round starts he cheers on Catfish. After the first round as he is helping cool down Catfish he tells him not to waste any more time and they gotta get to the meeting place with the money. After the second round he sees Boss and Rosco take the money to Boss’ car. He is stunned when Catfish loses in round four. As they slip off they steal the money.

They head to the meeting place in an old barn, accidentally leading Bo and Luke there. When asked if he’s got the money he says it’s in the back but the Dukes are on their tail.

When Bo and Luke drive by, he, Culpepper, and Culpepper’s Partner all open fire. Seeing Bo driving away he wonders what are they up to now. Culpepper says they are turning tail if they have any sense. When Bo turn around he remarks they don’t’ have any sense and are headed right for them. They shoot at the boys until he realizes they intend to jump through the barn. He asks Mr. Culpepper something to which the man yells ‘No’ and they take cover. Bo digs them out and helps them up as Luke gets the money. They are all arrested.