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Billy Ray, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Lulu's Gone Away[]

Anna Lisa, Eddie, and Billy Ray follow Lulu Hogg to her Flower Club meeting, watching her from their blue car. When Eddie points Lulu out, he follows her in the car. They follow Lulu, planning to kidnap her when she reaches crabapple lane. They are surprised when Lulu stops and Eddie says she must be having car trouble. He says they’ll take her now and they put on their masks but they see another car, the General Lee and take them off quickly. Seeing her leave with Bo and Luke, he decides they are not giving up. He says they are going to drop off Anna Lisa then they are going to get Lulu.

At the trailer he calls the Hogg Family home. When he gets no answer he tells the others that she isn’t home. He wonders where the boys would have taken her and Anna Lisa and Eddie suggest the Boar’s Nest. Eddie and Billy Ray leave.

They wait outside the Boar’s Nest to see Lulu is still with Bo and Luke and they are leaving together. When Eddie asks what do they do, he says they follow them as the boys gotta let Lulu go sooner or later.

They follow Lulu to the Duke Farm and watch her have dinner with the Duke Family. Eddie grabs his arm to ask what is going on and he pulls his arm free before saying they are finishing eating. They decide to inform Anna Lisa that they aren’t leaving until they get Lulu.

The next morning they watch the Dukes all leave and he remarks that was the last of them. He says for them to go and it’s the last day any of them will be poor before putting on his mask. They go inside, startling Lulu and she asks who they are and what do they want. He tells her that they want her. She says for them to get out of there because she calls the law and he tells her it’s a kidnapping and no one is going to get hurt as long as her husband comes up with the ransom. Lulu says they made two mistakes before trying to bolt, saying she isn’t going with them. He and Eddie catch her and he asks what the second is. She says her husband won’t pay for her and he tells Eddie to get her out to the car.

After arriving with a blindfolded Lulu to the trailer, he calls Boss and says he has someone who wants to talk to him before giving Lulu the phone. He pulls it back and when Boss says he supposes Lulu is ready to come home, he says she is but they ain’t ready to take her home yet. Boss asks who is it and he says he’s a man who could take his woman’s life. Boss says it isn’t funny and he says it isn’t a joke. He tells Boss to go to the bank and wait for his next call. He says if Boss tells anyone about this then he will never see his wife again. Boss says he hears him and threatens Billy Ray if he harms Lulu. He demands to talk to Lulu again and Billy Ray allows it. He does take the phone back, hearing Boss say how much he loves Lulu and he tells Boss it’s cute and he loves him too before hanging up.

He calls Boss at the bank, telling him he’s only going to say it once, to bring $100,000 to Sheep’s Hollow in small bills and one word about it, to which Boss tells him not to say it. He asks that Boss knows where Sheep’s Hollow is, to which Boss snaps of course he does and he tells him good before hanging up.

He goes to Sheep’s Hollow with the others, taking Lulu. When Boss arrives, he yells for him to hold it where he is before instructing him to take the money and walk nice and slow to an old tree log. He tells Boss to put it down. Boss says he wants to see Lulu, so they move her out for him. When Boss demands the blindfold is removed, he tells him not yet. However a police officer arrives and he and Eddie grabs Lulu before he says they warned him and Boss still got cute. They leave with Lulu. While exiting the hollow, they see another cop and remove their masks.

Eddie says they should take care of Lulu and get out of town but he punches the table yelling that they are not leaving ton poorer than when they came. Anna Lisa says what if Boss calls in the FBI and he says Boss didn’t call before and he sure won’t now. When Eddie says they should teach him a lesson, he promises that they will as soon as they get their money.

While out of the trailer, he notices Bo Duke sneaking around. He goes up behind Bo and hits him on the back of a head with a log. After he carries the unconscious man into the trailer and tosses him onto the bed, commenting ‘this towns full of heroes aint’ it?’ Billy Ray says after they get the money they will take Route 7 past the amusement park to the tristate highway. When Eddie assumes Boss called in the law, he says Bo isnt’ a cop and is probably a friend of Boss’ trying to do him a good turn. He tells them that blondie dropping in just made things easier and asks where the rope is. Eddie says it’s in the trunk and he tells them to get Lulu in the car as he’s got something to fix up. As they do, Lulu’s blindfold falls off.

He gets the rope from the car and ties up Bo. Then he sets the trailer to roll down the hill before getting in the car and leaving with the others.

He calls Boss Hogg from a payphone, telling him it was a stupid move. Boss explains that his Sheriff was chasing a traffic violator and he swears on Lulu’s life. Billy Ray says that will cost him extra, saying the ransom is $300,000 now. He tells Boss to count it out in small used bills and bring it to Bluebird canyon. When he comes back to the car, Eddie says that Boss will probably tell someone about that call and he remarks that he’s counting on it.

He takes everyone into town, cutting off Boss who was headed to his car before taking the money and saying there was a change of plans. Boss asks where his Lulu is and he remarks in the back, before showing her to Boss. Boss tries to take her but he shoves him away, saying Boss will get her back when they are out of the county providing all the money is there before driving away.

As they drive away, Anna Lisa says they pulled it off and he laughs as she kisses him. Lulu says they don’t know anything if they think they won. A few minutes later Eddie asks why he promised to return Lulu. He remarks for Eddie to have a heart as a man has a right to bury his wife. Lulu remarks she isn’t afraid of them.

Bo and Luke cut them off, forcing them into a nearby amusement park where they flee the car on foot. Luke follows him and he leads Luke into a series of swinging bags. He hides behind one as Luke comes through before taking the bag and knocking Luke over before running again. He runs up a series of steps and waits for Luke at the top, trying to hit him. When Luke grabs his arm he accidentally pulls Luke to his level and tries to knock him over. I the process he loses the money and has to go back for it. Luke continues to chase him before dropping on top of him. The two begin fighting until Luke knocks him into a ball pit. Luke captures him.

As they walk back towards the entrance, he pulls free and makes a run for it. However Boss suddenly charges at him, head butting Billy Ray in the stomach and knocking him down. He is then carried by Boss to the others where he is laid on the ground and arrested by Rosco and Enos.