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"Birds Gotta Fly" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Daisy is offered a job to race on the NASCAR circuit for Molly Hargrove (Andra Akers) after Molly sees Daisy beat Bo and Luke in a friendly race through the woods, using the Jeep against the General Lee. But Molly got a loan from Boss Hogg, who hires two crooks to see to it that Molly cannot pay off the loan, which would force Molly to offer Daisy's contract to Boss Hogg. Also, the Dukes learn that Molly was expelled from NASCAR for reckless driving, and she wants Daisy to win at any cost. Can Bo, Luke, and Jesse help Daisy out of this mess?


Balladeer: Ain’t nothing surer than sunrise lest it’s Bo and Luke mashing pedal to metal in a cross country challenge from another driver. And when that other driver is cousin Daisy, you can bet there’s gonna be some firewallin’.

Bo and Luke race against Daisy in the General Lee and Dixie respectively. Daisy shouts over to ask if they are ready to quit before she ‘beats the tar outta’ them and Bo calls across from the passenger seat that they are still going to beat her as the race isn’t over yet. Daisy yells she warned them. Molly and Morgan notice a race as they drive by. They are impresses with Daisy. Daisy drives across a gully the boys have to go around. The two in the RV continue to talk about the possibility of Daisy going on the pro circuit, the woman wanting to go ahead and try and the man cautioning her of moving too fast.

Daisy wins the race and they stop. Bo and Luke get out and Daisy laughs. Luke says that was real funny and Daisy asks who was going to win. Bo says no one said anything about taking a shortcut and Daisy says no one said anything about not taking one. The boys agree. They all hear clapping to see Molly standing on the bank by them. Molly tells them she saw the whole race and Daisy was too smart for them. Luke tells her that was a private event and asks if he’s seen her before. She introduces herself and Bo and Luke become excited realizing she was a NASCAR driver. She tells them she doesn’t race anymore as her eyesight isn’t so good but Luke points out the stock car behind her RV. She tells them she’s looking to train someone to take her place, and from what she saw she thinks she found that in Daisy. When Molly asks if Daisy is interested, Bo and Luke quickly say she is. Daisy tells them to hold on as she isn’t that good and Molly proposes they set up a race with some of the best driver’s in Hazzard to show Daisy that she is. Bo and Luke agree to it, even saying they’ll race too. Molly says she’ll head to town to find the local bank and she will be back in an hour if the boys can find three or four more drivers. Molly leaves and Bo suggests Rosco and Cletus saying they’ve been teaching them and the two are pretty good. Daisy says they are duty and Luke says they are just speed trapping people on Old Mill Road. Bo says that is their favorite pastime and asks how Luke plans to get them to agree to race. Luke says he won’t give them much choice.

Boar’s Nest

Molly meets with Boss in his office and explains she needs $1,000 loan. Boss says he can let her have the money he’ll have to increase the interest to 35%. Molly refuses the loan and goes to leave but Boss protests offering instead 25%. She says she’s still not interested. Boss offers again to make it 18%. He tells her it’s his last offer and she accepts. She uses the car as collateral for the loan.


Molly and Morgan meet up with the Dukes. Daisy drives Molly’s car, she rides in the RV with Morgan, and Bo and Luke follow in the General. Molly is annoyed about the ‘joke’ and Luke assures her not to worry as they are almost at the starting line. They arrive at a fake detour Rosco and Cletus set up. Daisy goes around and radio’s the others about it. Rosco and Cletus watch them and chase after the Dukes. Luke tells Rosco on the CB that Rosco will have to catch him. Unknowingly to Rosco and Cletus, they enter the race with Daisy and Bo.

Excited, Daisy leads on the course. Bo follows and the motor home stops. Rosco and Cletus fall inline on the race. Bo keeps close to Daisy while Cletus and Rosco fight for the road. Molly gets excited. Cletus worries they can’t catch Daisy and Rosco goes off to try and cut Daisy off. Bo cuts Rosco off instead and Cletus hits Rosco causing one of their tires to pop. Daisy wins the race.

Cooter tows Rosco back toward town. While he drives, Rosco radio’s him and insults his driving and threaten to give him a ticket. Annoyed Cooter says if he doesn’t cool it Cooter will leave him in the middle of the highway. Rosco decides to nap in his car.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco and Cletus inform Boss, who is pouring left over beer out of a number of bottles and into a single one, of what happened. Boss is annoyed saying that that he views this as the Dukes making a fool of them. Rosco tells Boss about Daisy driving Molly Hargrove’s race car surprising Boss to which he tells them he has the pink slip on it. Boss tells Cletus to go to the Duke Farm, and Cletus gets excited. Rosco gets upset and Boss says Rosco will be hiding and looking for Bo and Luke to arrest them. As Rosco and Cletus go to leave, Boss caps the bottle and tells Rosco to have the bartender sell it first. Rosco smells it and asks what if the bartender can’t sell it. Cletus says he can use it to clean the windows. Rosco tastes it and his hat flies off before he spits it out.

Duke Farm

Rosco hides in the barn as Cletus goes over and around a number of obstacles on the farm. Cletus breaks the bench for the picnic table. Cletus listens at the window while Molly and Daisy talk in the kitchen about Daisy being a race car driver. Daisy says it sounds tempting and Molly asks her to give one good reason why she can’t do it. Daisy says she has three reasons; Jesse, Bo, and Luke. She says they are more than family, they are her best friends and she can’t just leave them. Molly insists she can come home whenever she wants. Daisy says she has a job at the Boar’s Nest and she uses the money around the farm as well as Boss depending on her and she isn’t the quitting type.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse come back from hunting for the weasel that is hurting their animals, Bo says the critters get sneaker every time and they were fine until the creek. The three are stunned to see Cletus at the window and from the barn Rosco is alarmed realizing they are caught. Jesse fires his shot gun to startle Cletus and Rosco creeps over. The Dukes demand Cletus explain himself. Rosco jumps out and tells the Dukes to freeze. He says he’s there to arrest Bo and Luke. Bo asks what it is now and Rosco says a $5,000 fine for damages. Luke says Rosco destroyed it and Rosco says it doesn’t make any difference. The boys shove Cletus onto Rosco and Jesse trips him to allow Bo and Luke to leave. Hearing the commotion Daisy and Molly come out to see what is going on. They watch in amusement as the two officers chase after the boys.


Rosco tells them to pull over over the CB and that he will chase them to the end of the earth. Cletus, who is in the car with him suggests even further. Bo tells him that he hopes they get paid by the month because it will take an awful long time for him to catch them. Luke goes through a construction site and while the boys escape, Rosco goes off a hill and into the pond. Bo suggests they go to Jensen Cave. Meanwhile Cooter picks up Rosco and Cletus, calling the boys on the CB and telling them he really appreciates the business.

Boar’s Nest

Boss puts some hot water in a basin where Cletus and Rosco have their feet in, both wrapped in blankets. Boss comments Daisy will make a fortune, as she’s pretty and drives as good as she looks. Cletus says Daisy turned Molly down due to her not wanting to quit her job at the Boar’s Nest. Boss calls her a ‘dear sweet child’ and says he’s touched adding that he’s going to fire Daisy. Rosco and Cletus are stunned and Cletus sneezes.

Jensen’s Cave

Bo gets firewood for the camp site while Daisy and Jesse visits. Luke asks why Daisy was fired and Daisy says it was either putting too much beer in the glasses or not enough salt on the free peanuts. Bo says it’s  because she’s too honest. Daisy says it doesn’t make a difference and Jesse explains that Molly wants to sign her on for a contract. The boys are happy but Jesse says the circuit is dangerous. Bo points out there are a number of farmers who get hurt everywhere. Daisy says she can’t do it with them on the run. Bo says she’d being doing them a favor by leaving town, shocking the other three. Bo explains that if they get arrested she can make their bail. Daisy says it sounds like the boys can’t wait to get rid of her and Jesse don’t want her to go. Jesse assures her that every bird has gotta fly sometime and if this is her deciding it’s her time to go they won’t stop her. He says they will support her with whatever she does.

Boar’s Nest

The next morning Boss and Rosco meet with Jude and Sam Porter. He tells them he is hiring them to take care of Molly Hargrove’s racing car and they can find it at the Duke Farm. One of his men ask why Boss wants them to destroy the car and Boss says because cars cost money and that is something Molly doesn’t have much of. He says Molly will have to come back to him for a loan, cracking open a walnut with a hammer. Rosco explains Boss won’t give Molly the loan, and Boss amends it by saying he will if Molly includes him on Daisy’s contract. Boss asks if they want the job. They agree, but the one threatens Boss if he tries to cheat them. After the two leave Rosco assures Boss they don’t need to worry about the men and they have Daisy’s contract in the bag. Boss says that they don’t as long as the boys are free. He tells Rosco to keep the boys on the run.

Duke Farm

Figuring the boys have to go to the farm, Rosco has Cletus go to the Farm to watch for them. Cletus sits in a tree with binoculars on the house. Luke creeps up to Cletus’ car before putting it in neutral and giving it a push. Cletus is stunned when his car rolls away and falls out of the tree before chasing after it. The car goes into a ditch and Bo drives over in the General to get Luke. A moment later Cooter pulls up commenting ‘another customer’ an telling Cletus you can make a lot of money in Hazzard by following the boys around with a wrecker.

In the house Daisy signs the contract with the other Dukes present. Molly promises that Daisy will never regret signing it. Luke says Daisy can’t miss and Bo says they taught her to drive themselves which Daisy gives him a pointed look before laughing. Bo insists they did which Luke agrees. Outside Sam and Jude arrive. They unlatch the car on the trailer and leave. Rosco radio’s Boss and informs him what happened while Boss is eating a large pan of chicken wings at the Boar’s Nest. Boss tells Rosco to let him know the moment Daisy leaves.

Molly tells Daisy they should head out and Daisy protests. Jesse tells Daisy there is never enough time to say goodbye and Bo and Luke get her bags. Rosco calls Boss to tell him that Daisy is leaving. Boss tells Rosco to keep an eye on the car. Meanwhile Daisy is still debating on leaving as the Duke men walk her to Molly’s RV. Molly says they need to be in Capitol City by noon. Jesse assures Daisy it’s alright and every road that leads away from home can also go back. Daisy hugs him and promises them she’ll be back. The three watch the RV drive away.


Bo and Luke decide to follow in the General Lee to escort her to the County Line. In the RV Molly notices Daisy seems down. As the drive continues the race car works lose. Molly and Daisy see the car go and yell for Morgan to turn around. As Bo and Luke continue to drive Bo remarks that the race car got lose and is coming right at them. Bo turns around to chase after it. As Bo gets close Luke gets out of the General and climbs onto the hood before jumping onto the race car. He climbs in the window and stops the car, Bo following. Bo helps Luke out asking if he’s alright. Morgan, Molly, and Daisy arrive. While Daisy and Luke talk, Daisy expressing her worry over them; Bo and Morganlook over the car realizing it have been unlatched intentionally.  Molly goes to them and asks who would want to wreck her car. They are all surprised by Rosco’s arrival and Bo and Luke flee.

Boar’s Nest

While Boss finishes his wings and Sam and Jude play pool in the back, Rosco radio’s Boss. Rosco tells them nothing happened to the car. Rosco says Bo and Luke saved the car. Boss yells at Rosco to get the boys and Rosco says they are Truck Road to Capital City and will cross the county line. Boss says that is good news and a violation of their probation. Rosco asks if that is the case what does Boss ned him for and Boss says he asks himself that same question. Boss says for Rosco to go to the Capital City speedway and wait for him. He and the Porter brothers leave.


Bo says Rosco is slowing down and asks if Rosco gave up. Luke says it’s unlikely as they already crossed the county line. Bo asks what are they going to do now and Luke says to pray. Luke suggests for him to call Uncle Jesse, and Jesse says he’ll head to Capital City and for the boys to look at Molly’s past.

Tri-States Press

The boys arrive and see Luke’s friend Charlie. Charlie tells them about Molly causing a six car pile up. Luke concludes Molly made a lot of enemies and Charlie informs them that Molly was kicked off the circuit for reckless driving. Bo and Luke become upset saying the only reason Daisy is under contract is they pushed her into it. Bo says they can still pull her out and they leave.

Capital City Speedway

Boss and Rosco watch as Molly walks over, Morgan working on the car. Molly asks what are they doing there and Boss says that the living expenses, entry fees, and gas that the $1,000 would cover, his ‘heart just bleeds’ and he figured he could give her an advance. She tells them Daisy is in the novice race for the next day and Daisy will win. Molly walks away and Boss yells after her that if she changes her mind he will be at the Beauregard Hotel. Rosco says that is good news and Boss gets mad. Rosco asks how they are going to stop her and Boss says that is why he brought the Porter boys. Boss tells Rosco to arrest Bo and Luke when they arrive and to leave.

Bo and Luke arrive and park in the back of the seats. They reach the fence to see Daisy practicing. They watch Daisy race another car and Daisy surpasses the car and wins the lap. Molly and Morgan watch as well, Morgan concerned Molly is doing too much. Daisy causes the other car to spin off the track. Bo remarks if Daisy keeps trying that she will get a bad reputation like Molly. Luke says that is if she lives long enough. Rosco and Cletus approaches them and Luke says they will make him a deal. Luke says they won’t try to escape if they can talk to Daisy first. Rosco says they can visit Daisy all they want on visitor’s day at Pen State. Cletus asks that they are going to college and Rosco tells him to hush as he meant State Pen. Cletus goes to arrest them but Luke shoves him into Rosco and they flee. They lose sight of the boys and Rosco decides to go tell Boss that Cletus let them escape. The boys watch, having climbed into the rafters and head back to wait for Jesse.

Daisy drives Molly, who is sitting on the hood, back to Morgan and, unknown to her, Sam and Jude. When Daisy and Molly go inside the RV, Jude and Sam start tearing apart the engine. Bo and Luke, arriving at the General, notice them. The two run over and attacks them. Bo takes Jude and Luke takes Sam. Jesse starts pulling up as the two strangers gain the upper hand. Bo and Luke switch opponents. The two toss Bo and Luke away and run. Jesse arrives as Daisy, Molly, and Morgan come outside all to see Sam and Jude try to run Bo and Luke over. The two jump onto of Molly’s car before heading off to get the General to chase them down. Jesse asks them what is happening and Daisy says she doesn’t know. Morgan goes to the car and calls them over to show them that the engine was completely destroyed. Molly decides to go to Boss for a loan.


Bo and Luke continue to follow Sam and Jude, who are getting frustrated at their inability to lose the boys. Bo and Sam start ramming the cars into each other before Bo cuts Jude off, forcing him to pull over. Bo goes to Sam, who punches Bo in the face before throwing him over the car. Luke knocks out Jude before he and Bo team up and capture Sam. Sam tells them about Boss hiring them.

Capital City Speedway

Molly signs a contract for 51% of Daisy’s contract to go to Boss in exchange for the money for parts. Rosco makes a hot dog and Boss says he needs to go to Atlanta to file that document with the racing commission. Boss says that once it’s registered Daisy can’t race for anyone but Boss and Molly.

Bo and Luke arrive and Luke tells them they let the guys lose after they told the boys Boss hired them. Molly becomes upset realizing that Boss cheated her. Molly tells them all about selling 51% of Daisy’s contract to Boss so they can get the parts. Molly says Boss is on his way to Atlanta and Bo and Luke head out. Daisy is upset Molly didn’t tell her and Jesse comforts her.

Route 36

Bo and Luke head after Boss and Rosco. In the car Boss is celebrating having Daisy tied to him by contract for seven years. Rosco sees the boys and Boss tells Rosco to lose them. Rosco hits the Atlanta 110 miles sign and Rosco proposes outthinking the boys. Rosco goes into a river bed and runs into a pipe, damaging his car. He then flips the car and Bo and Luke go around and pull up. They stop Rosco’s car from spinning around and ask if they are alright. Luke says they will help them after they get Daisy’s contract. The boys threaten to spin the car and Rosco hands it over. The boys rip it up and help them.

Capital City Speed Way

The boys return and inform Molly, Daisy, Jesse, and Morgan that the contract is gone. Molly assumes Daisy will continue with her but when Jesse hints at knowing Molly’s past, Molly says that she won’t let anything get in Daisy’s way, including the family. Daisy says that if that is the case then she won’t be racing. The Duke men are surprised but happy as Daisy explains it isn’t worth it. Molly says Daisy is throwing away dreams of a life time but Daisy says that is her lifetime, her dreams. Not Daisy’s. Daisy says all she wanted was a chance to prove she could make it on her own. Daisy says she isn’t going to change. Bo says they didn’t even have to tell Daisy and Luke says he’s not surprised.

Balladeer: And that’s the story of how a once famous driver lost her last chance to get into professional racing. And how Daisy Duke didn’t get to be the first woman to win the NASCAR Grand National Championship. Yet. Boss gave Daisy her job back because she still drew more customers than beer did flies. Besides, somebody had to train the new bus boy who was working off one mashed patrol car. All of which put everything back to what passes for normal in Hazzard County.

Boar’s Nest

Boss, Jesse, Bo, and Luke stand out of the Boar’s Nest. Daisy opens the door for Rosco to come out with a mop bucket. Rosco trips and all five move to keep from getting splashed with the water.


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  • Despite Bo and Luke's dreams being established as going on the NASCAR circuit and Daisy's dreams being established to be in the arts, the boys are immediately and fully supportive of Daisy getting the opportunity to become a NASCAR driver.
  • When looking for nearby competent drivers for a race, Bo's first suggestion is Rosco and Cletus
  • Rosco accidentally says Daisy is going to Penn State which shocks Cletus who asks 'Daisy's going to College?'. Penn State is the Pennsylvania State College.
    • Ironically enough, Daisy will go on to go to Duke University and work her way up to a doctorate in Ecology.