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Black Jack Bender is a minor Character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


He was a mob Boss in Chicago. He liked Boss Hogg and knew him from his Moonshine runs, calling him Curley. After his children start to take over his empire, he and other old time leaders look to have a meeting to discuss how they wish to take it back. He goes to Hazzard County, figuring Boss would help them find a place to meet.


The Meeting[]

After arriving in Hazzard, he goes to the Boar's Nest where Boss is in his office. He comes up behind him, putting a hand over his eyes telling him to guess who. Boss feels his money shaped cuffs, the manicures on his hands, and the smell of garlic and realizes it’s Black Jack Bender. Boss is stunned and he smiles addressing him as ‘Curley Hogg’. Boss remarks he hadn't seen him in a while and Bender agrees saying they haven't met since Hogg was running shine to Chicago and he was picking it up. When Boss asks about the syndicate he politely corrects Boss to ‘Organization’. Boss says he’s a sight for tired old eyes. When Boss gives him a weary look he spreads out his arms to let Boss pat him down. After he checks Boss for a weapon. Neither finding one, they happily smile and hug. He comments there has been a lot of cement overcoats under the bridge since then. Alarmed Boss pulls back asking that he’s not still in that business. He tells Boss that stuff went out with Capone and right now he’s as legit as Boss. Boss remarks that isn’t very reassuring and he laughs, tapping Boss’ face.

As they sit down together he tells Boss he turned over a new leaf. He took English lessons and started a toy business. Boss offers him some food and he politely pushes it away. He tells Boss that there are some industrial spies who want his new toy design, one that is currently in a briefcase handcuffed to him. He says he and his associates would give 10,000 dollars for a place to hold a meeting. Boss suggests the Hogg Hotel but is told it’s too public. Boss suggests Hogg’s Incognito Motel and he tells Boss that is too private. Boss suggests the Jail. He says Boss has lost his hair but not his brains, agreeing. He rips the bill in half, giving Boss his half and telling him he will get the other half when the meeting is over as long as there was no outside interference. Boss says for that he’ll keep out the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, and the boy scouts. As well as the Commissioner of the Animal Regulations. He asks that Boss mean’s the Dog Catcher and he says that’s right. He asks for a phone and is pointed out a payphone by the bar. He asks Daisy to make change for a bill as he has to call his mother. Daisy holds up her tips and he takes them, thanking her and leaving her with a bill. He tells her to keep the rest and shocked, Daisy says he gave her $50. He says he doesn’t carry anything smaller. He calls Rostoky and tells him to get everyone to Hazzard. When they express being nervous he snaps that he doesn't care and tell them all to get there. He leaves, tipping his hat to Daisy and commenting ‘see you in jail curley’. As he gets in the car he tells his two men to drive him to the county jail and no wisecracks.

Along the way the car breaks down. He tells his two men that if they don’t get it fixed fast everyone else will get to the jail before they do. Tony tells him he can’t figure out what happened and he snaps that they majored in auto mechanics before saying they are not very bright. They are startled when a car suddenly jumps over them, ducking. He had pulled out a gun but put it away. The boys come back and when his men threaten them he tells them that he will give them $100 to drive him to the jail house. Bo accepts that but Luke says it would be like highway robbery. He corrects it to one of them takes him to the jail and the other stays there and helps his men with the car. Luke agrees and goes to shake his hand. He has one of his men accept it, saying he doesn’t like the way this day is starting as his men help them into the General.

He calls his friends together and saying their organizations have fallen into the unfriendly hands of their own sons. He tells them it’s time they teach the kids a lesson as they had given it all to the kids so they can now take it away. As lunch is brought in he tells the others that before they eat they should finishing cutting up the numbers racket first. He says he will take the south beach working out of Miami and gets some push back. As they debate, they notice the two tables with their lunch moving on their own. Curious they follow the tables, drawing their guns. When the tables stop, he knocks on the one with his gun then points it at the table. Bo and Luke sheepishly come out. He tells Rodgers to go find Cooter and get one of the cars to ‘take these boys for a little ride’. When Bo and Luke offer to leave and are told no by Devere, he gestures for them to come over to him and they do. He tells them that what his colleague means is they shouldn’t have butted in. He remarks it was just when he was beginning to like them too. He kisses Luke and turns to Bo. Bo asks if a handshake will work and he tells him there is no handshake invented to mean what that kiss does before kissing Bo as well. He then walks away telling his men to get them out of there.

They learn the boys have escaped and meet to discuss how to handle it with Boss and Rosco. He remarks that he wants to cut off all the roads until they find the boys and kill them. Boss pleads for the boys safety but is ignored. They move aside to discuss it more.

His men radio in where they see Bo and Luke and they keep track of them and their men on a map. After being told Bo and Luke escaped again, he gives orders to cut off highways 12 and 17. He asks Boss if he overlooked anything and Boss asks for the other half of the bill to which he is unamused.

After a long period of silence from their men, he begins to pace.  They are surprised when Jesse Duke knocks and comes into the Sheriff Station. Jesse explains that they have all eight of their men and have them ready to testify against them. Bender asks what Jesse wants from them. When the others go to capture Jesse to make the boys surrender, he stops them all saying that they will not harm a person who is under a white flag and orders them all to put away their guns. He opens the door for Jesse to leave and tells him to tell his kids they want to think it over. After Jesse leaves Boss thanks him gratefully saying Jesse may be an old enemy but he’s also an old friend. Rosco reminds him that Jesse shouldn’t have been let go as the boys are the only ones who can testify against him. He tells Boss that he was right that his sheriff was a dipstick before saying they are taking Rosco’s car and going to trail Jesse to the boys. He sits in the back as they follow Jesse around. He tells his associate to step on it as they are loosing Jesse.

While driving around, they see Bo and Luke run into the Jail and follow them in. They approach the boys with guns drawn. Bo and Luke ask to be let go and promise not to say anything but he tells them not a chance. A net is dropped on them and they are captured. He is driven to Atlanta by Luke and turned over to the FBI.