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Black Tilly

Black Tilly is Jesse Duke's first running car.


Black Tilly, originally named Sweet Tilly, was Jesse Duke's moonshine running car. There have been three vehicles that Jesse Duke used under this name and for this purpose over the years.

First Car[]

Black Tilly was a 1940's Hot Rod painted black. It is unknown what Jesse used before this as he was running shine from at least 1936. The main mechanic for the car was a resident of Hazzard County by the name of Skeeter. [1] The two were a very famous pair and well known by moonshiners and police officers.

Second Car[]

Black Tilly in High Octane

Black Tilly as seen in High Octane

For unknown reasons, Jesse had to get a new running car. Sweet Tilly was a 1971 Ford Custom 500 painted in dark green instead of black, hence why its no longer called Black Tilly. The real car was purchased off of Metropolitan Aveneue from a used car dealership in South Atlanta by Schisler. After Jesse made a deal with the FBI to never make moonshine again, he keeps the car. Jesse feels the same about Black Tilly that Bo and Luke feel about the General Lee.

Black Tilly II

Third Car[]

For unknown reasons, Jesse no longer owns Sweet Tilly by 1979. When he is challenged by Boss Hogg for a moonshine race, he receives a new car, gifted to him from Cooter Davenport. The new car is a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe which Jesse decides to call 'Black Tilly II'. Like all other iterations of Black Tilly, the car is black.

Jesse wins the race using Black Tilly II but the fate of the car is unknown as it is never seen or heard from again.