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Blaine is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Legacy[]

After Joe Hatcher decides to buy shine from Boss, Blaine drives him down to Hazzard County.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and go into Boss’ office, Blaine shutting the door behind them. When Boss says he doesn’t have the shine there and then he asks Hatcher if he believes that. When Hatcher threatens Boss, he picks up the phone and tells Boss that if 'the shine doesn’t measure up to Boss’ claims' before breaking the phone as a demonstration of harming Boss.

The next day he waits for Hatcher in a van. When Hatcher arrives they roll all the shine into their van. They pack up and head out. They run the Dukes off the road. Hatcher tells him they need to throw something in front of the boys as the General catches up again. He tells Hatcher that all they got is the shine and is told to use it. He starts kicking out the barrels at the cars following him but the van suddenly flips. Hatcher checks on him before they try to run. Luke tackles him to the ground. He gets the upper hand and starts hitting Luke. Luke flips him onto his back and knocks him down an out. He is arrested by Wilbur.