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Boar's NEst

The Boar’s Nest is a fictional business from the film Moonrunners, and the The Dukes of Hazzard TV series and films.

It is a bar—that also sells gas, and serves food—owned by Boss Rainey/Hogg where the people of Shiloh/Hazzard County meet and socialize.

The Boar's Nest is 2 miles outside of the Town of Hazzard located on Highway 36. [1]The Boar's Nest used to have a $1 cover charge to 'keep out the riff raff'. [2] Most of the Counties prominent events occur at the Boar's Nest as well as many of Boss Hogg's business deals. The Celebrity Speed Trap is also held here.

The Boar's Nest is able to be closed down for private parties, including meetings [3], Bridal Parties [4], Weddings [5] [6], and Wedding Receptions.

The Boar's Nest is open through the day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast they serve 'tough greasy cookies'. [7] The Boar's Nest is closed between serving times to allow the employees to set up for the changes in menu.


When Boss Hogg started out running whiskey with Jesse Duke, he had a warehouse on the property that he stored his moonshine in. Underneath was a tunnel that lead up to the hill overhead that Boss and Jesse used at least once for an escape from Federal Agents during Prohibition. Later Boss rebuilt the place to be a Bar and filled in the tunnel to prevent it from being used again.

In 1978, the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby nominations were occurring at the Boar's Nest. However Cooter Davenport drove through the door on a motorcycle and then destroyed the door completely with the same motorcycle. The door was replaced.[8]

Sometime in 1979, Boss Hogg attempted to set up a War Memorial outside of the Boar's Nest. The Armored Personnel Carrier was stolen and later driven through the wall in Boss Hogg's office. The wall was quickly replaced.[9]

In a belief that there was treasure hidden under the Boar's Nest, Boss Hogg and Lester Crab dug up all the floor boards of both the office and the main bar. However they learned the treasure was not there and had replaced all the boards. [10]

Boss bought a large mirror for $300, hoping it would bring in a new revenue. The mirror was destroyed in a bar fight between Luke Duke and Catfish Lee. Later the mirror was replaced by a similar one, however it was also shattered when Boss tries to swat a fly on it with a newspaper. [11]

Before Boss Hogg's State of the County Address in 1981, a bomb was placed in his office that detonated. The office was repaired shortly after. [12] In an effort to hide his properties from an IRS agent, Boss signs the Boar's Nest over the Hughie Hogg, making him the owner. Boss later tries to reclaim the property but Hughie refuses to honor the agreement. When the original contract is destroyed, the Boar's Nest returns to Boss Hogg.[13] Later in the year the Boar's Nest is won by Rosco P. Coltrane in a poker game against Boss, becoming his property. Rosco changed the price of beer from 50 cents to a dollar. Later the Boar's Nest is returned to Boss Hogg when they found that the poker game wasn't valid. [14]

Some time after 1985 and before 1997 a wedding reception was held in the Boar's Nest. The building caught fire and had to be rebuilt at a different location. [15]


  • Daisy Duke- waitress, full time employee from 1976 to sometime after 1985
  • Jerry- bartender
  • Bessie Lou- part-time waitress
  • Jimmy- bartender who replaced Jerry
  • Lori Mae- part-time waitress
  • John- bartender who replaced Jimmy
  • Bob- bartender who replaced John


The Boar's Nest is a single story building broken down into three main parts


The Bar portion of the Boar's Nest is a large area with a number of booth's along the walls and a few tables around the floor. There are many posters, license plates, and other items along the walls.

There is a single bar where one bartender usually works and a pinball machine that is rather popular with the customers.

The Boar's Nest has a kitchen area to make various meals. The kitchen is set apart by two large doors that are for employees only. The kitchen doors open in both directions and have small windows in the doors.

Off the main Bar is a storage room. Usually extra items are kept in the storage room but in the floor is a trap door that was nailed shut and leads to a tunnel under the Boar's Nest. The tunnel had been filled with concrete after the bar was built.

Boar's Nest office

One of Boss Hogg's personal offices are in the back of the Boar's Nest. Much of the town Business is conducted in Boss Hogg's Office.[16] Boss' office is an open space with a pool table in the back. He has a small table near a liquor stand and a large safe that holds his money and other important papers. Boss has a large sword fish hanging off the back wall and pictures on the adjoining walls. There is a back door that leads out the back of the Boar's Nest.

The Boar's Nest has a large parking lot with a set of fuel pumps in the front. There is a large field in the back and a steep hill off to the side.

On the property is the Hazzard Feed and Grain barn. The building shares the same parking lot with the Boar's Nest. [17] The building is still functional, allowing Daisy to pick up feed and fertilizer while at work for the farm. [18]


Boar's Nest Gallery[]

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Real Life Influences[]

The fictional Boar’s Nest is based on a real Boar’s Nest bar from the area where Jerry Rushing used to run moonshine. His stories were the basis for both Moonrunners and The Dukes of Hazzard.

The building used for the Boar’s Nest in the early (Georgia filmed) episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard is located at 290 Flat Rock Rd, Oxford, GA. Since 2008, the location has been used by the New Vision Baptist Church (aka New Vision Church Ministries). The original building was still present as recently as May 2014 (Google street view), but New Vision’s 2017 website highlights a Building Fund Campaign (presumably to replace or expand the original building).

Boars Nest in Moonrunners[]

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