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Bob Dexter is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Carnival of Thrills: Part 1[]

Bob works for the Carnival of Thrills as the driver for the Leap for Life. He was dating Diane during his time there.

As he gets ready for his jump in Ceder City, Diane helps him put on his jump suit. She tells him the crowd is with him and he’s going to be dynamite. Outside he hears Carl announce that his event is coming up.

When he is announced he runs outside, waving to the crowd before telling Carl he feels great. He goes to get in the car, kissing Diane first. He tells her that the best part of the job is getting that kind of attention from the owner before getting in the car. He sets up and takes off for the ramp. However the car losses power and he crashes halfway across, the car catching on fire. He is rushed to the hospital.

Carnival of Thrills: Part 2[]

While in the hospital he is visited by John Zimbra, Jesse, Luke, and Daisy Duke. Zimbra says it must be hard to be cheerful and Daisy says they talked to the nurse and learned he’ll be good as new in no time. He remarks he hopes he’s only smarter next time. Daisy says they saw what happened and Luke asks what he thinks happened. He admits that it beats him as everything was fine and then at the last second the engine up and quit on him. Zimbra asks that there was no warning. He tells him that he tested the car an hour before the jump and had gone over every inch of her, it was in perfect condition. Luke asks if he knows where the car is now and he says it should be at the Cedar City Garage. They all tell him to take care of himself before leaving.