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Bobby Lahey is a character from Enos.


One Daisy Per Summer[]

While waiting with his partner on a stake out of Carl Howard Winters, he sees Enos’ car pull up. He comments to his partner ‘well, what do you know’ while looking at his watch before getting out. He walks over to Enos’ door, Enos greeting him as ‘Hey Bob’. He asks if Enos and Turk are looking for brownie points before patting Enos’ shoulder and saying they’re early. Enos says he hopes their relief is early too, as you get what you give. Turk asks ‘what’s shakin’ Lahey?’ and he says Winters hasn’t stuck his head out, but he had a visitor who drove up less than five minutes ago. Turk asks who it was but he says he didn’t see the man’s face. He comments ‘well, all yours, hope you’re bread floats Strate’ quoting Enos. Enos thanks him, saying he appreciates it. Bobby shakes his head as he and his partner leave.