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Bobby Lee is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After her parents deaths she lives in an orphanage in Hatchape County. One day she decides to run away from the orphanage.


Coy Meets Girl[]

While running away she takes her dog Max and stows away in the back of a truck. The truck is being driven by Coy and Vance Duke and they pull over to stop two men without breaks. She looks out the window, watching Clooney and Potter tie up the boys before hiding behind some creates, telling Max they can’t get out now and will just have to wait.

When the men stop and start unloading the truck, she darts by them and out into the woods nearby. The men chase after her and she grabs a tree branch, pulling it back and waits. When the men catch up to her, she lets the tree go, hitting them and knocking them down the hill before getting up and fleeing again.

She comes onto a farm where she sees a scarecrow. Telling Max that it’s dressed a whole lot better than her, she takes it’s clothes and changes from her dress into the boys clothes.

She walks in the woods again only to fall in quick sand. Scared, she screams and yells for help. Coy arrives as she is sinking and tells her not to fight it before reaching for her hand. Unable to reach, he offers her his belt before tugging him out. She is stunned to see Coy, who asks if she is okay and assumes she is a boy. Recognizing him from the hijacking, she says she is okay. Coy says she needs to get out of the wet clothes as he didn’t go to all that trouble to see her die of pneumonia. She snaps that she isn’t going to die, which he agrees, and tells her to strip. He takes off her hat, seeing her braids and remarks ‘you ain’t a he, you’re a she.’ She reminds him she never said what she was, he did. Coy remarks he has never met so many ungrateful folks in one day before stripping of his own shirt. She asks what he’s taking his shirt off for and he says he is just taking off his shirt so she has something to put on. He tells her to strip, but not there and to go behind the bushes. She reluctantly agrees and says be better stay put. He assures her he will keep his distance. She looks at Coy from the bushes, telling Max that she knows she should tell Coy what she saw but if she does he’ll have them back in the orphanage. She adds he is cute looking before calling out to him, thanking him for saving her life.

They reach the road and Coy asks if she always travels that light. She realizes she forgot her suitcase. She says her and Max were on a bus and they got off for a few minutes and the bus took off without them. Coy says they need to get moving as he has some hijackers to catch up with.

Vance finds them and takes them back to the farm where she is given pancakes and milk. Jesse asks that she is sure she didn’t see an Apex Rent-A-Truck and she denies it while crossing her fingers. Jesse asks that she’s a little young to be on her own and she says she is eighteen and has a job waiting for her in Atlanta. Coy and Jesse says they can get her some money for the bus and when Jesse pulls it out she tells him she doesn’t want to trouble them but Jesse says people are supposed to help others. He says it will get her to Atlanta. She says as soon as she starts working she will pay them back. Daisy comes in, saying she found some things of hers that might fight Bobby Lee. As Vance goes to take Coy away, she thanks them all for everything they have done before adding ‘especially you Coy’. Coy pats her head, saying to take care of herself and watch where she’s walking. Daisy says she’ll help them after she gets Bobby to the bus stop. Daisy says for her to try to clothes first and she’ll see if she can find any shoes for Bobby Lee. As the Dukes leave she sees Max staring at her and tells him not to make her feel worse than she already does. She says if they are going to stay out of the orphanage she needs to keep her mouth shut.

She goes out to Dixie with Daisy, saying it is a nice place they got. Daisy thanks her and she remarks her and Max are going to get a home one day.

As Daisy drives she remarks she sure is going to miss then even though they hardly got acquainted. Daisy asks if she’s sure it isn’t Coy she’s going to miss. She asks what makes Daisy say a fool thing like that. She says Boy is a nice boy and all but she’s sure he got a steady girl. Daisy says none that she knows about. They stop and Daisy says that the bus should be there in about fifteen minutes and she would like to wait. Bobby Lee says she knows that Daisy has to go help find the hijackers. She gets out of the car, thanking Daisy for the ride. She asks Daisy after she gets settled in somewhere if Daisy would send her a snapshot. Daisy asks of the family or Coy. Bobby Lee says the Family would be just fine but Coy would be even better. Daisy tells her to take care and holler if she needs anything before leaving.

She sits at the bus stop but is stunned when the men from the hijacking rush up and grab her. She screams for help. Daisy comes back, leaping on the men. She kicks Potter in the shin and gets into the jeep, escaping with Daisy. As they drive away, Daisy asks who they were. When Bobby Lee says nothing Daisy says they were ready to kill her. Bobby knew Daisy was right.

At the Duke Farm she sits at the table with Jesse and Daisy. She tells them she doesn’t know who the men were or what they wanted, suggesting they may have wanted the bus fare. Daisy and Jesse dismiss it. Vance and Coy arrive and Vance asks why she is still there. Daisy explains what happened. Coy says she has a knack for getting in trouble and Jesse says she is with them now and is alright. Jesse says the next bus doesn’t come through until tomorrow so she may as well spend the night.

Bobby Lee cleans the General Lee, getting spotted by Coy who says it is a nice job but not necessary. She tells him she is just trying to earn her keep. He says he appreciates that but needs to interrupt her as he needs interrupt her to check the engine. She asks if he needs help and he asks her to start the car without running him over. She says she can’t make any promises before trying to get it. She tells him the door is stuck and he says it’s welded and to use the window. She gets in, starts the car and shuts it down. She approaches Coy saying she heard he doesn’t have a steady girl, which he says she hears right. She asks why and he says the right one hasn’t come yet. She says maybe he isn’t’ looking in the right directions and he says maybe he isn’t looking period. She tells him that when he starts, she would like to be in the running. She says she isn’t as filled out as some of the other girls but she can put on a few pounds, she can cook, clean, and she knows how to fix cars. Coy cuts her off, saying she is a nice kid and she snaps that she isn’t a kid. He says she is a young lady, a very pretty young lady and before she tries to tie herself down with someone like him she has to do something with her life. He tells her she should get her schooling in and reminds her of the job in Atlanta. She gets upset and moves away from him. Coy kneels down in front of her and says before she starts thinking about settling down with one fella she has to meet others and have some good clean fun. Upset she storms off saying he’s saying he isn’t interested.

She hides in one of the bedrooms and when Coy knocks on the door, she ignores him. He tells her to come out and that there is no reason they can’t be friends. She tells Max that there is no reason for them to stay where they are not wanted and she climbs out the window. As she begins to run, she sees Boss and Rosco pulling up to the farm. She turns and runs away.

She goes through the woods when Cletus approaches her, calling out saying ‘young lady’ and tells her to wait. She does and he takes her back to his car. She hears Cletus inform Boss and Rosco that he found her. As they drive, she asks what the Sheriff was talking about and Cletus asks what difference does it make to her. She says she saw the whole thing and Coy and Vance had nothing to do with stealing that truck. Cletus tells her to keep her nose to herself and she’s in enough trouble while he’s sneezing. She protests that she knows they didn’t do it because she saw who did. Cletus pulls over and gets out sneezing and she grabs the CB, calling for Coy, Vance, and Daisy. When Vance answers, she tells them that she saw the hijackers and was in the back of the truck when it happened. Vance asks if she knows where the truck was and she explains there were trees and a platform. Coy asks her where she is and says she is in a deputy’s car about a mile from the farm. She takes the car keys and throws them out the window, saying they aren’t going anywhere. When Cletus comes over to protest, she lifts Max to his face making him sneeze more.

Daisy drives up in Dixie, yelling for her. She grabs Max and runs for the jeep but Cletus approaches her, saying she can’t leave. She uses Max to ward him off before getting in the jeep and riding away with Daisy.

She testifies against Clooney and Potter of hijacking and goes back to the Duke Farm. Jesse’s friends Ed and Myra, who owned the hijacked antiques, decide to adopt her and Max with the help of the orphanage.

She goes back to the Duke Farm to say goodbye to the Dukes. After walking out of the house she tells Coy she is going to miss him, and he says he’s going to miss her too and it’s going to be dull in Hazzard without her around. She apologizes for the trouble she caused and Coy says he isn’t. He kisses her cheek and she rubs it, grinning, before leaving with her new family.