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Bonnie Lane is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Trouble at Cooter's[]

She talks to Russ on the phone after he steals 20 fur coats. When he asks if there is anything in the papers in Atlanta about it she tells him absolutely nothing. She remarks that someone did say something about a brown van driving away from the scene at the crime but no one saw him and they are free and clear. He remarks not until he gets rid of the van and asks that she knows where to meet him. She says Indian Creek Road, just north of Hazzard.

She waits where asked and when Russ arrives she gets out, hugging and kissing him. She asks if he got the money which he confirms before saying Boss shortchanged him for losing one fur. She asks what’s one fur adding ‘Acapulco here we come right darlin’?’ to which he responds ‘wrong’. He tells her he wants to steal the furs back and sell them again but they need to go to town. She is annoyed but agrees.

They arrive at the court house and pull out the blue prints for Rhuebottom’s General Store. Russ points out that the Hazzard garage shares a wall with the room where the furs are. When he says that is the only way in she points out that the ‘feller in that garage’ might have something to say about it but Russ says he won’t because Bonnie is going to get him out of the garage.

Bonnie goes over to the Garage where she sees Cooter working. He greets her in surprise and says he’ll be right with her. She tells him that if she was him she’d fix the fuel filter or the fuel pumps gonna be working overtime for nothing. Surprised Cooter says he was thinking the same thing himself. Sitting on the open hood he remarks she’s not from around there and she tells him she’s passing through and is a freelance writer from Atlanta, doing a short story on small towns. Cooter tells her she picked a good town to write about as Hazzard’s something. He says other than a few problems with the city government it’s a great place to live. He says if he didn’t have to finish on the car he’d love to show her around. She tells him she would really like that. She asks for his name and he tells her ‘people call me Cooter’. She tells him it’s real nice to meet him and introduces herself. They shake hands and she says it sure is a pretty park and Cooter says he reckons old Jake wouldn’t mind waiting a little while and that he’ll show her around. She happily accepts and as they walk, Cooter explains what different places are.

She walks in the square with Cooter, who says he mainly just hangs out and works on cars. He asks that she likes cars and she says she loves cars and her daddy taught her all about cars when she was a little girl, surprising him. She says she thinks he wanted a boy. Cooter says ‘his little girl turned out fine’ and she stops walking, thanking him. Cooter remarks one day he might settle down and she tells him she would like to settle down too if she could find the right situation. Cooter mentions that once he thought he had the right situation but she sees Russ leaving the garage. Cooter tells her that he’s gotta get back and work on Jake’s car as he will kill him and a promise is a promise.

The two walk into the garage where they are approached by Bo and Luke. She hears them tell Cooter they need a float valve and Cooter introduces them and she shakes their hands. She tells Cooter she needs to get going and says goodbye to them all. Outside she listens to through the door, learning Bo and Luke were the ones to find the fur Russ lost and are looking for Russ.

While watching the garage, she asks if Russ is sure he can get through the wall. He says he can if he can get in. When he vents that he can’t wait all day for the boys to come out she says her southern charms can work on the mechanic but she don’t know about the other boys. Russ says she told him the boys were running from the law so call the Sheriff. She goes to the phone, calling Rosco. She tells him that she saw the Duke boys at Cooter’s Garage and she thought he’d like to know. Rosco agrees he does but asks how she knows that and asks who is it. She says she is a concerned citizen before hanging up.

As the police chase the Dukes away, she approaches Cooter with a picnic basket. Cooter greats her and she say hi to him. He asks what she has and she says she brought a picnic lunch. She asks if he’s interested and he says he is but he’s gotta work. She opens the basket telling him she’s got fried chicken, tater salad, and corn bread before telling him to guess what she brought for dessert. When he asks what she says blackberry cobbler. Cooter caves saying she’s got a way with words and they leave.

As they finish eating, Cooter remarks her daddy taught her about cars but her mama taught her how to cook. She laughs saying she likes to see a man enjoy his food. He says he enjoys watching her. She continues to glance to the garage, worried about Russ. As they continue to talk Cooter wonders what he is sitting on and pulls out a tire gauge. She comments it sure is a nice one and Cooter says its top of the line, sterling silver and can measure accurate to a quarter of a pound. She says it sure is nice and Cooter asks she likes it. She says she loves it and it’s beautiful. He hands it to her saying it’s hers and she tells him she can’t take it. Cooter says she can and she says it’s his. He tells her she’s been awful nice to him and he’d like her to have a remembrance of their picnic and memento of Hazzard. She takes it, thanking him and says that is nice of him.

They hear Bo and Luke calling on the C.B. and she goes to Cooter’s truck with him, hearing the boys say they need the float valve and they are on Stone Canyon Road. As Cooter leaves, she tells Rosco where the boys are over the CB.

She goes to the Garage and tells Russ they need to leave before Cooter gets back. He says he’s ready and sends her to get the car and bring it around back.

She goes back inside and helps Russ gather up the furs. When she crosses into the Garage she sees Bo and Luke as she is struggling under the weight. She moves so that Bo and Luke would have their back to the hole in the wall and Luke says he wishes it was a surprise and Bo says for once they will call the cops. She asks who’s word the sheriff would take, hers or theirs. Bo goes to take the furs from her, but Russ falls in his attempt to hit them. When, Bo, Luke, and Russ start to fight she pulls out a gun telling them that it’s enough.

As Russ ties the boys up, Bo tells her she never deserved a nice guy like Cooter anyway. She asks Bo to tell Cooter it was nothing personal but Luke says to tell him herself. Russ tells her it’s time to go and they leave.

As they drive, Bonnie notices the boys and Sheriff behind them. They are suddenly cut off by Cooter and Jesse and forced to take a side road. When Bo and Luke jump in front of them, they turn into a tree. She watches Russ try to run and Cooter knock him out. Cooter approaches her and tells her that she ought not to have done what she did. She just stares at him as he tells her she can keep the tire gauge and he’ll see her around. She is arrested and handed over to the Marshal.