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Borov, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Borov is hired to travel with the Russian gymnast team while they tour the United States and is charged with ensuring none of the team members defect during the trip.


Comrade Duke[]

As they drive through Hazzard, he is trying to read a map when Sergie tells him that the engine sounds worse every minute. Borov comments that unfortunately they will have to stop for repairs and points out Hazzard on the map.

After stopping at the Hazzard Garage, they meet Cooter who tells them the timing is off but it ain’t a problem to fix. He tells Cooter he’s relieved and he was beginning to think they would be late for a meet in Atlanta that evening. Cooter tells them it will take about a half hour to fix and they should take a tour around town. He goes to decline but Sergie talks first to say it’s not possible. He elaborates, saying it would probably be best for the gymnasts to rest on the bus for the meet. Cooter says they probably know best and excuses himself when Vance, Coy, and Daisy arrives. They stand guard over the bus while Cooter makes the repairs.

After Cooter finishes the repairs, he pays the mechanic $40 for the repairs and $10 to show his appreciation. Cooter accepts the money for the repairs but declines the other ten. He remarks sometimes he doesn’t think he will ever understand America.

While on the road, Sergie informs him that they are missing a person. He tells Sergie that can’t be possible and to count them all again, but Sergie says he already has and it is Natasha who is missing. He is surprised but recalls that Natasha has family in the US. He says they cannot allow this to happen and orders a return to Hazzard. He tells Sergie to question the people on the bus while he calls the Council on the scramble phone. Pulling out his briefcase, he gets the phone. He orders his men to get to Hazzard so they can find Natasha before she gets to far. He then addresses the rest of the bus, saying they will proceed to Atlanta without delay and will not say a word of what happened.

As they arrive at the Garage, he has Sergie accompany him. Cooter sees them approach as the bus leaves and assumes the bus is acting up. He quickly assures Cooter that isn’t the case, saying they inadvertently left a young lady behind. Cooter says he hasn’t seen her and when Sergie asks about local authorities, Cooter gives them directions.

They go to meet Boss Hogg and Rosco, and Boss gets his name wrong twice before he corrects him. Boss asks that he turned his back for one minute and a girl defected. He corrects Boss again, saying they prefer to think she simply wandered away completely enamored by the beautiful countryside. He addresses Boss as Mr. Hogg, saying these are critical times and as the authority if Boss does not help them find the girl it could lead to very serious repercussions. He is startled when Boss hurts Rosco accidentally in surprise and adds that if Boss does help them it would be considered a magnificent gesture of detente at a crucial moment. He is unimpressed as Boss starts talking bout being a hero and then Boss asks him if anyone else was hanging around Cooter’s. He says there were two men and a girl in an orange car before looking to Sergie to confirm. Boss and Rosco say it was the Dukes and they all leave to go to the Duke Farm.

They go out to the Farm, where they see Natasha, Vance, and Coy leave in the General Lee. Rosco chases after the boys but they go under a crane that snaps the car in half, to his shock and horror. Boss apologizes and asks if he’s alright.

After they go out to one of the phone poles and blow it up, cutting the phone lines and cutting off Hazzard County. Sergie cautions him of the risks but he says they can’t risk anyone making a call for help.

They go to see Boss again as his men arrive, Sergie giving a list of equipment and items they need to Boss Hogg. When Boss protests about the fees, he tells him that money is no object and they will pay whatever Boss asks. When Boss agrees, he thanks Boss and says that Boss will get everything he deserves for his service.

After the promised cars arrive from Boss, he joins the search.

While driving, he hears a man called ‘grasshopper’ on the radio call for ‘Bo Peep’. When the man doesn’t get an answer, he says if anyone encounters Daisy to tell her to come to the airport. Realizing it is Daisy Duke, he says she is a smart girl for not answering. He remarks that they probably want to fly Natasha out of the Hazzard airfield and direct everyone to it.

After arriving, his men surround the Dukes, Darcy, and Natasha. He tells Coy he made a wise decision and that he is disappointed in Natasha. Daisy suddenly kicks the gun from his hand and tackles him to onto a desk. They reclaim Natasha and leave.

He takes her to the police station and tells Enos to lock her in a cell. Enos tells him that he doesn’t mean any disrespect but he doesn’t thinks she has any legal right to lock her up. Boss and Rosco come down and say they have the right to lock her up. He informs them it won’t be for long, just until arrangements can be made to take her to the consulate. After Boss leads him away, to talk to him about the possibility of selling moonshine as vodka.

At three o’clock they take Natasha into Enos’ police car and he gets in the back with her. Sergie drives them out of town. Down the road, he is furious when Vance Duke drives into the side, metal teeth on the side of his truck, and starts pulling apart the police car. He yells for Sergie to call the other cars to assist them. Sergie is forced to stop when a plane dumps pesticides on them, blinding Sergie. He tries to pull Natasha from the car, but Jesse and Coy pull up and Coy knocks him out before taking Natasha.

After his failure, he returns to Russia.