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"Boss Behind Bars" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Pa Beaudry (J. S. (Joe) Young) and his two sons Sledge (John Dennis Johnston) and Milo (Richard Moll) return to Hazzard to take one of Boss Hogg's moonshining stills after the Beaudrys' moonshining still blows up because of Milo. To get Boss Hogg out of the way, the Beaudrys frame him for sabotaging Jesse's car in the Ridgerunner Old Timer's race when Jesse's car flips over. Jesse is not injured, but parts from his car are found in one of Boss Hogg's pockets, and Rosco puts Boss Hogg in jail while the Beaudrys take one of Boss Hogg's stills. When Boss Hogg hears about the theft of his still, he tries to convince Rosco that the Beaudrys framed him to get him out of the way so they could take his still. Jesse rightfully believes Boss Hogg when he says that he would never intentionally cause Jesse any physical harm. The last time the Beaudrys were in Hazzard, they kidnapped Daisy and Flash, and tried to force Daisy to Marry Milo. Bo and Luke investigate the Beaudrys, and it turns out that Pa Beaudry slipped the parts into Boss Hogg's pocket. It leads to a confrontation with the Beaudrys on the Beaudry property, in a remote part of Tennessee.


Balladeer: In Kentucky it’s the Derby, Indianapolis it’s the 500. In Hazzard, it’s the Ridgerunner Old-Timer’s race. Bo and Luke, because of their NASCAR experience have been asked to lay out the course. And here come the bad Beaudry’s from Tennessee. The last time they were in Hazzard they tried to force Daisy to marry old, dumb Milo. He’s the handsome one. Now what you reckon they’re up to?


Bo sits behind the wheel of the General, the ‘01’ covered by the words ‘Official Car’ while Luke fixes an arrow for the signs of the race. Bo follows Luke as he walks to the next hay bail to put up another arrow. As Luke finishes, he gets in the General and they drive off. Bo expresses concerns, saying Uncle Jesse is a bit ‘long in the tooth’ for these things and Luke laughs saying for Bo to be the one to tell him as he has more sense than that. The boys stop to put up more sings.

Down the street the Beaudrys are headed into Hazzard. Milo asks if they think he will get to see Daisy again but Pa snaps for Milo to stay away from her as she brings nothing but trouble. Sledge says they are only there because Milo blew up the still. Pa Beaudry says they are going to steal Boss’ still. Meanwhile Bo and Luke finish part of the course and hit the road. Bo says 5 miles out and back should do it. Luke remarks that the big race is just going to be between Boss and Jesse. The road comes together with another and the boys nearly collide with the Beaudry’s getting ran off the road. Bo gets out of the General, recognizing the Beaudry’s. Bo wants to go teach them manners, which Luke agrees. The boys get out of the ditch and follow them. The Beaudrys get upset and Bo cuts them off, forcing them to stop. Everyone gets out, Sledge getting in Luke’s face and Milo setting his sights on Bo. Sledge tackles Luke into the General and Milo picks up Bo, swinging him around over his shoulder. Pa stops them, and tells Milo to put Bo down which he does by tossing Bo to the ground. Luke helps his cousin up and Pa tells the boys to apologize. He tells Bo and Luke that they don’t mean any trouble and are just passing through. The boys say to keep passing through before Luke tells Bo to leave and they drive off. Pa and the others watch and when Sledge and Milo ask why, Pa says they don’t want to cause any problems or attract any attention. They get in the truck and leave.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest where all the cars are set up for the race. After parking the General they head inside. Daisy is serving a full house and asks Jesse, who is sitting at a table with Cooter if he wants a beer. Jesse says he’s sticking with pop as he’s driving. Bo and Luke come in, teasing Daisy who swings at tray at Luke's head to John’s amusement. Rosco and Boss are running bets at the bar. Entries include J.D. at 2-1, Jesse Duke 2-1, Bib Tark at 4-1, and Bubba Bradford 6-1. A man brings up a pig, putting it in Rosco’s arms and saying it’s for Jesse to win. Rosco is confused but Boss accepts the bet.

Bo and Luke sit with Jesse and Cooter and Daisy tells them that the way everyone is betting it seems like they all think Jesse will win. Jesse says the hard thing will be staying ahead of Boss and watching him. Cooter says Boss will probably try something but Bo says they will be watching the whole thing. Rosco meanwhile rocks the pig and Boss tells him to put it somewhere.

Boss behind bars 2

Bo and Luke review the route with the racers

The Beaudrys arrive at the Boar’s Nest, and Milo asks what the sign is over the Boar’s Nest. Pa says it appears to be some sort of a race. Inside the bar, Rosco is still holding a pig and expresses to Boss that he is worried. Boss wonders what is wrong and Rosco says everyone is betting on Jesse and if Boss doesn’t win than they’ll lose everything. Boss says he’s a better wheelman than Jesse and that he can’t win fair and square. Concerned that Bo and Luke did something to make Jesse’s car go faster, Boss decides he wants to go take a look at it. Boss goes outside to look and Rosco continues to sooth the pig. Outside the Beaudrys hide and Enos notices Boss under the hood of Jesse’s car. Boss is alarmed by his presence and says he was just checking it out. Enos says that Jesse wouldn’t cheat and the two go inside. Pa says that is the break they were looking for. He says that they need to get Boss out of the way to steal his still and now he’s got an idea of how to do it. The three go over to the car and mess around with it.

Inside Luke and Bo call everyone’s attention, showing a map of the route. Bo walks everyone through the course and Luke gives them directions. Outside Sledge expressed that he loosened the steering bolt and took off the pins. Milo points out it’s Jesse’s car and Pa explains he knows that. Bo dismisses everyone outside and Jesse and Boss wish each other luck, Jesse remarking Boss has been trying to out drive him for forty years.

Everyone comes outside and Daisy and Jesse are surprised to see the Beaudrys. Daisy asks that they said they were just passing through and Bo says that is what they were told. Luke says he figured they would see them again and Jesse says there is nothing wrong with them watching the race. Bo says as long as they watch, but if Milo goes for Daisy then he’s got trouble. Boss, Rosco, and Enos come out to see the Beaudrys and become alarmed before Boss tells Rosco to keep a sharp eye on them. Jesse asks Cooter to do him a favor and stay by Daisy during the race, to which Cooter says is not a favor but rather a delight. The racers get in their cars and Luke gets in the General. Bo and Daisy go to the starting line and Bo tells them to start, Daisy waving the flag. Bo gets in the General and they take off to follow the four drivers. Bo talks over the radio, informing them that Bib Tarky is in the lead with Bubba Buford and Jesse Duke fighting for second and Boss in the last. Daisy, Cooter, Rosco, and Enos watch together. At one point Milo blows a kiss at Daisy, to which Cooter blocks her from view.


Bib, Bubba, Jesse, Boss, and Luke all take a hard turn. Jesse notices Bubba is going too fast in a turn and Bubba takes himself and Bib out. Bo reports back to everyone what happened, adding that they are okay but they are out of the race and it’s down to Boss and Jesse. Boss passes Jesse and Bo reports it back. Another hard turn comes up and Boss maintains his lead. They head back to the Boar’s Nest and Boss and Jesse hit a straight away fighting to pass each other. Boss pulls ahead again and Jesse looses control. Bo and Luke become alarmed and Boss takes off, not seeing. Jesse hits a bump and flips the car. Alarmed Bo reports the accident back to the Boar’s Nest. Everyone becomes alarmed. Rosco, Enos, Daisy, and the Beaudrys head out to the accident site.

Bo and Luke stop and Bo rushes to Jesse’s side as he was closer.

Boar’s Nest

Boss comes back, celebrating his victory but sees everyone leaving. Rosco informs him what happened and Boss becomes distraught following them to the site.


Bo and Luke help Jesse out of the car and Jesse looks over himself before telling the boys ‘it all works’. They are both relieved and Jesse says only his pride was hurt as Boss is gonna win. He adds that he hates that and Bo says that doesn’t matter as long as he’s okay. He tells Luke that the steering went out. Cooter and Daisy arrive and Jesse says he’s fine before hugging Daisy. Cooter says he’s been saying his prayers at night. Luke and Cooter look over the car as Boss, Rosco, Enos, and the Beaudrys arrive. Boss asks if Jesse is alright, as he wanted to beat him but he didn’t want Jesse to get hurt. As they look over the car, Pa slips up beside him and puts the parts in his pocket. Meanwhile Bo informs them that they found the bolt that was supposed to hold the steering together missing. Daisy asks what happened and Bo walks away, trying to see if he can find it. Luke says either the cotter pin worked it’s way loose or someone took it and the nut. Rosco becomes annoyed, asking who Luke would accuse of that before stopping. Most of them look at Boss and Boss insists he would never harm Jesse. Jesse says he believes him and Rosco and Enos both reveal that Boss was under Jesse’s car.

As the others confront Boss about his intentions, Bo returns with the pin he fell. Luke tells him about what they learned, shocking Bo. Boss insists he never did anything and pulls out a napkin to wipe away the sweat. The pin and nut fall out and Luke spots it. When they fit the pin, everyone is horrified. Daisy yells at him for sabotaging the car and the Dukes all say that they are hearing what Boss is saying but it looks like he did it. Boss says this is an outrage and he’s been framed but Bo becomes angry saying he could have killed their uncle. Daisy says nothing comes close to this and Jesse tells them to pull back as they aren’t sure. Rosco says that Boss has gone too far this time and declares that he’s arresting Boss. Everyone is shocked as Rosco officially arrests him.

As the Dukes head home, Bo driving, Bo remarks he never thought he would see the day Rosco would arrest Boss Hogg. Luke agrees and Daisy says he deserved it. Jesse scolds them all, saying for them to simmer down as while Boss would do sneaky things he would never do that to him. He says for them to look into it more and Bo says they know what they will find but if that is what Jesse wants then they will.

The Beaudrys set out to steal a still, Milo regretting he couldn’t talk to Daisy more.

Police Departments

Boss is furious as Rosco and Enos take his booking picture. Enos explains that the charges are a felony and they need to wait until the circuit judge gets there on Tuesday. Rosco then fingerprints him.

Still Site

The Beaudrys pack up one of Boss’ stills, tying up the man who was working it. They leave for Tennessee.


Bo and Luke recheck the scene of the accident and Bo says there is nothing there to help. Luke decides to go to the garage and look over the car again. They get in the General, Luke driving. As they hit a road intercection they are ran off the road again by the Beaudry’s. Angry, the boys chase after them, wondering who’s still is on the back. They decide to go around and cut the Beaudry’s off. When they do, Pa spots them and shoots out the radiator.

Luke comments about the size of the hole and Bo says it’s a good thing it’s in the radiator and not them. As they go to get some water, the two realize that the Beaudry’s were at the accident site and start to suspect that they are behind the whole thing.

Police Department

Rosco and Enos make Boss change into a prison uniform. Boss demands to use the phone, but Enos says he already used his one phone call. The officers leave Boss in the cell, who remarks that he now understands how the Dukes feel.

Still Site

Bo and Luke arrive at the site to see Bill, the employee is tied up. They free him and he tells them what happened. Bill worries about how Boss is going to take it badly. As he leaves, the boys decide to go find the Beaudrys and make them talk. Bo tells Luke that they have been riding in the General Lee together for so long they are beginning to think alike. Luke tells Bo that isn’t funny and to get in the car. Bo gives him a hurt look and Luke says it’s nothing personal. They get in the General and Luke calls Jesse to fill him in.

Police Department

Jesse and Daisy arrive at the police station, Daisy saying Jesse is a good friend. They come into the booking office and Enos greets them before letting them see Boss. Boss is surprised to see Jesse and Daisy and Enos lets Jesse into the cell with him. Jesse apologizes to Boss and Boss promises him that he didn’t have anything to do with the accident. Jesse remarks that they go by a person’s past and Boss didn’t have a good one. Boss says it goes back to their younger days where Jesse took the straight and narrow and he didn’t. Jesse admits that he believes that Boss had nothing to do with it. Rosco comes in, announcing for everyone to leave as it’s time for the prisoner’s lunch. Rosco asks Jesse why he’s here since Boss was arrested for causing his accident. Jesse says that a man is innocent until proven guilty and he and Daisy leave. Rosco presents Boss his lunch, bread and water, and reminds Boss that it was the lunch that he authorized.

Daisy hears Luke calling on the CB and asks Rosco if she can respond to which Rosco tells her to go ahead but not to take too long. As Daisy responds, Rosco says for her to say hello from him. Luke tells her about the Beaudrys making off with Boss’ still, shocking everyone. Luke tells her that they are headed to Tennessee and Jesse takes the radio, telling the boys to be careful. Boss says the Beaudrys must have framed him. Rosco refuses to listen to him, but Jesse believes it. Boss says he is telling the truth and asks why Rosco doesn’t believe him but Rosco says it’s because he knows how well Boss can lie.

Outside Jesse and Daisy determine they need to find the Beaudrys. Daisy says she won’t be taking Jesse out there but Jesse says they need to help the boys. He tells her to stop by the house so he can get his gun first.


Bo tries to remember exactly where the shack is, saying it’s just on the other side of the Chattahoochee Valley. Luke jokes that he has a mind like a steel trap and Bo thanks him before realizing it might not be a compliment. Bo reminds Luke to be careful and Luke says he will handle Sledge and Pa. Bo realizes that leaves him with Milo, thanking Luke and saying the last time Milo hit him he didn’t wake up for a week.

Police Department

Boss bangs his cup on the bars while Rosco and Enos work. Enos tells Rosco that he may have seen Boss at the car but he didn’t see him actually do anything. Rosco asks if Enos thinks he’s innocent and Enos says that he doesn’t know but he does know that Boss’ future is at stake. Rosco doesn’t agree with it but agrees to look over the evidence again. Boss leans against the bars to find that it was unlocked. Surprised he attempts to sneak out but Flash barks, revealing his plan. Rosco and Enos chase after him and Boss gets outside before stealing a police car. Rosco and Enos get in Enos’ car to chase after him.


Boss races away from town, nearly crashing into another car. Behind him Enos also manages to avoid the same car.


The Beaudrys arrive at their cabin and begin to set up the Still. Meanwhile Bo and Luke get closer, with Daisy and Jesse also headed that way.


Rosco and Enos continue to chase Boss, Rosco radioing him to tell him to pull it over when Boss refuses. Rosco attempts to shoot out one of the tires, hitting one on the second try. Boss sobs as he is forced to stop and Rosco and Enos apprehend him and search him. Boss begs Rosco to ask the Beaudrys what happened and Rosco refuses at first but Enos says it isn’t asking too much. Rosco agrees and they head to Tennessee, with Boss and Rosco up front and Enos in the back.


Luke tells Bo they are close and Bo asks what he wants to do when they get there. Luke says they are going to stash the General and sneak up on them, hoping to get one alone. Bo says that is a good idea and they should get Milo. A moment later Bo drives through a trap, causing a number of barrels to roll down the hill at them. He stops but it lets the Beaudry’s know that they have company. Luke tells Bo to get out of there. Bo parks the General and Luke gets out a bow and some arrows. The three Beaudrys head toward the road.

Daisy and Jesse get close and Jesse tells Daisy to be careful of the traps. Bo and Luke meanwhile locate the still and Bo wonders how they can get one without them being there. Luke says he’s got a sure way to bring them out, and blows up the still. The Beaudrys and Daisy all hear it and head that way. Bo and Luke laugh as the Beaudrys come running. The three hurry to put out the fire and Luke notices Daisy and Jesse running to them. Daisy praises the shot and the boys ask what they are doing there. When Milo gets sent off alone, Bo wants to go after him but Luke stops him. He asks Daisy to go sweet talk Milo and while the others object, Daisy says she can do it. The boys promise that they are going to be with her the whole time and follow her.

Boss, Rosco, and Enos enter Tennessee as well. Daisy approaches Milo who is getting water. Milo is stunned to see her and Daisy tells him she ran away to be with him. Daisy flirts with Milo and he admits that his Pa set up the accident to get the still. The boys all decide to take Milo with him and Jesse had Milo captured but the other Beaudrys show up. Jesse distracts them and Luke tackles Sledge while Bo tries to take down Milo. Milo hits Bo and when he goes to continue attacking him, Daisy starts swatting him with a broom. Boss, Rosco, and Enos arrive driving through the area and the three Beaudrys use it as a distraction to flee. Rosco asks what is going on and Luke fills them in. Boss celebrates but they realize the Beaudrys are escaping and Bo and Luke give chase.

Luke drives as they follow and Sledge asks why aren’t they fighting. Pa says he wants to lead the Duke boys into a trap. Luke tells Bo to watch out for the traps before driving through one that causes a tree to fall in front of them. They go around it. Bo says they are probably going to lead them into another one. The Beaudrys are frustrated that the first didn’t work and try to lead them into another. Seeing the Beaudrys trying to evade a spot, Luke forces them to drive into it, revealing a pit fall. The Beaudrys are caught in the trap. Bo and Luke stop, getting out to make sure they aren’t really hurt. They both laugh.

Balladeer: And so the Dukes solved the mystery of who sabotaged Jesse’s car. Boss got out of jail and the Beaudrys was put in. What passes for Boss’ good name was cleared, thanks to the Dukes. But as soon as he got through thanking them…there are some things that just don’t chance even in Hazzard.

Police Department

Enos and Rosco lock up the three Beaudrys. Boss then forces Rosco into the second cell, saying for him to see how he likes it and wait until he tries the food, causing Rosco to whimper.

Outside, Boss hugs Daisy and thanks the Dukes for their help by shaking Bo and Luke’s hands. Meanwhile Rosco sets up a fake no parking sign and gives Bo and Luke a ticket. Bo asks what he is doing and Boss says they will get a ticket. The Dukes question that he’s going back to his crooked ways and Boss says it’s in his nature before Rosco gives Bo a ticket, which he takes.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Beaudry's Cabin


  • Bo and Luke's time on the NASCAR circuit is referenced
  • This episode highlights some of the relationships between Jesse and the law of Hazzard
    • While Jesse and Boss have a long time as enemies, they also have been long time friends and both become very upset at the idea of anything happening to each other. Jesse is also adamant that Boss would never do anything that would cause them any real harm like sabotage his car.
    • Even though Rosco helps in Boss Hogg's schemes, he expresses that he can't turn a blind eye if Boss did something that could result in Jesse or anyone else really getting hurt