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Boss Hogg's Driver is an unnamed and uncredited character from season one of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg's First Driver grew up in Hazzard County, having gone to school with Mary Kaye Porter and the other members of his generation. He knows about Boss Hogg's dealings and mostly assists him. He is later replaced for unknown reasons.


One Armed Bandits[]

He is driving Boss Hogg around when Boss has him stop temporarily to speak to Rosco from the cars.

Daisy’s Song[]

While sleeping in Boss Hogg’s car in Atlanta, he is woken up by a raid that is occurring. He quickly get’s Boss in the car, accidentally leaning the seat on the horn and honking it, before getting behind the wheel and speeding off. He keeps ahead of the FBI agents. Boss taps on the seat to tell him to go faster, which he nods. He smiles along with Boss after they lose the police.

Mary Kaye’s Baby[]

He is summoned to the Boar’s Nest and Boss Hogg asks him if he knows the way to the Porter Farm. He agrees that he does and says that he went to school with Mary Kaye Porter since the third grade and hasn’t seen her lately as he get’s Boss his hat. Boss says he’s going to see her today and when he asks why, Boss tells him Mary has come into a great sum of money and it could be dangerous for her to hold onto it. The young man asks that Boss is going to help her out to which Boss says ‘right’. He opens the office door, asking that Boss intends to hold onto the money himself and Boss admits ‘something like that’ before they leave.

While heading to the Porter Farm, Boss wonders what she could be doing with all that money and the driver asks him what he’s talking about. Boss snaps that it’s nothing and he just hates to see money leave Hazzard county and that it’s bad for his economy. The driver just smiles and nods before continuing to drive.

Later they run into McQuaid and Leo on a bridge. The driver gets out to allow Boss out and they go to talk to McQuaid. While trying to make small talk, he remarks it’s a fine day, which Leo says they are all fine and some are just finer than others.

Later he drives Boss Hogg to the Duke farm and watches McQuaid and Boss talk until the Dukes fire a few warning arrows into the back to the car. They arrive on the farm as Luke blows up a car the moonshine in it's trunk. Boss turns to him in despair over the lost money and he moves away, shaking his head.

Repo Men[]

He drives Lulu and Boss Hogg to Ace’s car shop to pick up Lulu’s Rolls. After learning that the Rolls was already sold, he waits outside with Boss and Lulu while Ace organizes the repossession.  He listens to Boss and Ace talk about Bo and Luke repossessing the car and is not amused.

After Bo and Luke are arrested, he drives Boss to the court house so Boss can talk to the boys.

He drives Boss and Lulu to Ace’s to get the Rolls for Lulu’s birthday. He is stunned to see all of Ace’s cars have been turned into cubes.

High Octane[]

He waits with Boss Hogg at his Cadillac when Rosco arrives with two jugs of what appears to be moonshine. He opens the trunk to allow Rosco to put them in. They drive to Rosco’s road block and wait until Jesse Duke arrives. Once Rosco holds up Jesse, they head to the contest. At the Department of Environmental Protection, he opens the door to help Boss Hogg out and takes the jugs into the contest. He fills up the tank and turns the engine but it doesn’t start. They later learn the jugs had water in them.