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Bowman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzardgate Tape[]

After they find Boss getting a monopoly from the new highway, the other Boss’ call a meeting. Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman go to Boss’ house in Hazzard, sitting with him and Rosco.  When Sharkey explains that things have been getting too crowded due to the new highway, he expresses his take has been way off. When Boss asks what it has to do with him, Sharkey says that the highway goes through Boss’ territory. He says Boss is being a hog, just like with the ‘vittles’ as Boss slaps Rosco’s hand away from the sandwiches. When Boss asks that they want a new deal, he says ‘we do’. Boss says it will be a cold day in July before he allows them to take any of Hazzard and anyone who wants to muscle in on his territory will have to do it over his dead body. Boss says the meeting is over and they leave.

A little put out, but unsurprised by Boss’ reaction, he meets with the other Boss’ at an abandoned shack at the Hadley Farm. Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman debate about Boss’ future as Norton and Janco listen. When Sharkey says they asked Hogg nicely to do good by them, they agree. They agree they need to take over Hazzard County and kill Boss. They hear a loud clatter and a yell and rush outside to investigate. They follow Norton and Janco around the barn to see Vance and Coy getting in the General Lee. Sharkey sends his men after the boys.

Norton and Janco return and inform them that they lost the boys. Sharkey orders Norton and Janco to get rid of Hogg.

He gets a call later from Boss Sharkey’s men, telling him that Boss Hogg wants to meet with all of them at his home.

Sharkey, Bowman, and Hopkins all arrive and Boss’ home and meet with him in the living room. Boss offers a toast and heads outside to get his ‘finest shine’ and they begin talking about him. Hopkins and Bowman laugh about how easy it was to scare Boss Hogg. When Sharkey says they need to get it straight how they will split up Hazzard, he says he is setting up a moonshine operation. Sharkey notices Boss has been gone and Norton and Janco leave. The two guards return a few moments later with Boss Hogg, Rosco, Vance, and Coy. They are informed that Vance and Coy recorded the whole meeting. Before they can do anything, Vance and Coy knock out the guards and Rosco gets his gun. They are all held by Rosco at gunpoint while Coy takes the tape and leaves with Hogg and Vance for the State police.

They hold out their hands to allow Rosco to arrest them, but Enos comes in and when he drops the guns, they watch Norton and Janco capture the law men. They leave the Hogg Family Home to chase after the Dukes and Boss for the tape. However, Coy and Vance chained the limo to a fire Hydrant, damaging the limo leaving Sharkey, Norton and Janco behind them.

He is incriminated with the rest after the dukes hand the tape to the State Police.