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Briggs is a minor antagonist from the series Enos.


House Cleaners[]

After hearing the report of Mr. Dade getting injured and being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, he and his partner leave in their fake police car to the house. As the home owner is being put into the ambulance and is yelling at his secretary Melissa, he and his partner come up behind her, startling her, and inform her that they picked up the ambulance call and asks if there is anything they can do to help. She says she doesn’t know. When she is told to make sure everything is locked up, he moves to Melissa’s side, saying ‘why don’t you go ahead miss, we’ll check on it for you.’ She thanks them before handing over the keys to the house. After the ambulance leaves, they go into the house.

They pack up two boxes of silver and when his partner brings up a number of fur coats, he says they don’t have a moving van and the trunk only holds so much. His partner says he’ll squeeze them in as the silver needs padding anyway. When asked about how he’s coming with the safe, he picks up a horse stature to hit it when his partner alerts him to two real officers walking around the house. He puts down the statue and looks out the window at the officers. When the two go around back, he and his partner slip out the front door with the boxes, putting them in the trunk of the car. After closing the trunk they head back to the front door, reaching it just as the two officers come out of the house.

Turk introduces him and Enos, asking if they can help them. He explains they are just following up on an emergency call, saying the old man who lives there hurt himself. He adds a busted leg and the secretary asked them to lock up for her as she was upset. Enos says that is mighty nice of them and he dismisses it as part of their job, ‘protecting and serving.’ He says he’s glad to see metro is on the ball too. Briggs hands over the keys to the house to Enos, saying they just got a call as well and asks if they can take care of it for them. He says he is glad to see them around and they shake hands before he and his partner rush away.

After arriving at the airport, they take all the silver into the hide out for Mr. Burton to examine. When there is a knock at the door, Mr. Burton signals him and he goes to the door, looking to see it’s his partner with the last of the silver before letting him in. Burton compliments the pieces that they stole and Nelson announces a possible new job but Burton disregards it as it’s an middle class neighborhood. Nelson asks if there is any chili left and he says it’s on the hot plate. Nelson goes to get chili and his partner covers the radio while he sits at the table. He comments that it was too bad they couldn’t get in the safe. Burton asks about it and he says it would be easy to get into but the cops came poking around and they were lucky to get out of there. Burton says that safe might be worth another attempt.

After robbing the safe at Dade’s, they head back to the hideout only to have Enos and Lieutenant Broggi spot them. As Briggs drives trying to escape Enos, he asks how they are doing and his partner says ‘good news and bad. They ain’t gaining, but they ain’t moving.’ In an effort to lose Enos, they cut through a warehouse, bursting through a wall and jumping over a car. They loose the cops.

They get another call to a fancy house and head there. As they get out of the car they see the undercover police cars. In an attempt to flee, they shoot at Enos’ car and evade Turks before driving off down the road.

They return to the hide out, temporarily losing the police. He runs up to Burton who asks how it went. He says it was a set up and to get the van out of there. Burton protests they aren’t loaded up and he says they will run decoy for him. He and his partner leave. They spot the cops but Enos forces him aside and they flip their car. They are arrested and held in place by Sergeant Parton until another police car comes to pick them up.