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Brodie is a resident of Hazzard County and a friend of Bo and Luke Duke, Cooter Davenport, and Dobro


One Armed Bandits[]

He meets up with Bo and Luke Duke, Cooter Davenport, and Dobro in the Hazzard Junkyard. He drives a blue two door with a white stripe on the hood. He greets Cooter and Bo at the General Lee wondering why they called them out. Bo asks if they are up for a little fun as they all got their cars. Luke explains that they are going after Sheriff Rosco and he gets excited. Luke and Bo explain their plan to steal the slot machines Rosco is bringing into the county. Excited they all run to their cars and speed through the junkyard. He follows Bo and Luke Duke out of the junk yard before purposely swerving on the roads. He, Dobro, and Cooter enjoy driving and bumping each other’s cars lightly on the road. For Luke’s plan he parks along the road to watch 76 South and would report back to Bo and Luke if he saw the fertilizer truck, however it was Cooter who saw it.

A few days later he is at the Boars Nest with Dobro, tying a piano down to a pickup. He watches in amusement as Daisy steals the Sheriff’s car and tries to speed off after he attempted to arrest her. Rosco comes to the truck and tells them to follow Daisy. He laughs it off at first until Rosco fires a pistol in the air. He quickly sits down, holding onto the piano as the pickup chases after Daisy. As the pickup speeds around the parking lot, the rope on the piano starts to fray. Realizing the piano is not secure, Brody rolls off the bed of the truck when it slows down for a turn, getting out of the way.

High Octane[]

Brodie is working at the Boar’s Nest and explains to Jesse that they are rationing gas to three gallon’s per customer. When Jesse snaps at him about it, he calmly explains ‘rationed Uncle Jesse’. Jesse reminds him that when he was a little boy Jesse would put him over his knee and whoop him and asks him if he wants that to happen again. Brodie tries to explain, changing it from ‘Uncle Jesse’ to Mr. Duke and says the company truck only comes once a week instead of daily. Bo asks why is that and Brodie goes over to greet him and Luke. When Boss Hogg comes out to talk about the Energy Contest and Moonshine, Brodie moves on.


Brodie's Camero was owned by James Cowart, who worked for Gary Duncan as a body man for the show.