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Bubba is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


He, Cindy, and Squirt (Will Jason) have a band together called the Pine Valley Rockers that plays at the church for socials, BBQ's, and even at the American Legion Picnic in Tyler. He sings bass. They gathered $1,136.15 for a recording from Platter Records in Nashville but the recording was a scam. They decide to kidnap Loretta Lynn to get their money back.


Find Loretta Lynn[]

While driving he encounters the General Lee and bumps into it, pushing it in a puddle. Cindy yells at him saying he almost killed them and Squirt agrees, telling him he needs to slow down before they get into any more trouble. He drives further to see a detour and says it’s an omen that they shouldn’t be doing this. Squirt says it is better and they drive on.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to be confronted by Daisy. She asks him where he got his license, suggesting mail order and says he ran them off the road. Luke approaches and Daisy is called away. Squirt asks Bubba to take Luke behind the building and he tells Squirt that he doesn’t want to. Squirt calls him again and he gets out, resolved. As Luke squares up he tells him he really shouldn’t do this as he might get hurt. Luke tells him ‘don’t worry about me King Kong’ and tells him to pick a place to land. Luke punches him but he barley feels it. When Luke gives him a stunned look he comments that he really wishes Luke hadn’t done that before punching Luke and knocking him out.

He goes into the bar and while everyone is distracted, sneaks into the bathroom and knocks out the bus driver. He then takes the keys and gets on the bus. He drives to the Hazzard Stock Yard and hides the vehicles in the barn.

As they settle in he comments that the Stock Yard isn’t a bad place to hide. He asks if there is anything Loretta wants while she waits like a soda or a coffee, or even grits.

After Squirt’s return, he, Bubba, and Cindy sing for Loretta. They are stunned when Loretta says they are pretty good. When Cindy tells Loretta about their band he says they will cut it big time when they get a record deal in Nashville.

The three go back to practicing. They are interrupted by Loretta telling them that they are sounding really nice, however she feels Bubba is just a little flat. When Squirt says he told him, Bubba says that Squirt says he’s flat even when he’s sharp. When Squirt says he’s the leader, Bubba says he’s sick and tired of Squirt telling him what to do all the time. When Squirt asks what he’s going to do about it he sees a tin of makeup and says he’ll show Squirt what he’s going to do before putting a large pat of powder on Squirts face. He is hit back in the face three times while Squirt says his name so he calls Squirt's before dumping the powder on Squirts head. Cindy yells at them to stop and he says Squirt started it. They realize Leona is gone and Squirt tells him to go out and get Leona back. He runs after her but he can't find her.

They go to get groceries and Bubba tells them that they shouldn’t have done this. He tells them Leona is going to come back with the law and Squirt says that is why they are getting a new hideout. Bubba vents this was a crazy idea and he should have never listened to Squirt and now they are going to jail. Squirt says that they aren’t and tells him to go clean the bus.

They hear a loud crash and he decides they need to go. When Cindy asks about Squirt he says they will pick him up. He drives the bus through the door and slows down to pick up Squirt. As he drives he tells Squirt he might be able to get more out of the bus if he lightens the load. Despite his friends actions, it isn't working and he tells Squirt something is wrong and it’s starting to drag. He notices that the General is on their bumper and remarks that a fella shouldn’t tailgate like that as they could get hurt. He also says he can’t shake them. However Luke drops in behind him with something to his back and tells him not to do anything stupid and he won’t get hurt. He runs away after he stops and Luke follows, tackling him. Luke drags him up saying he’s got a score to settle with him. Bubba says he deserves it and surrenders to Luke telling him to punch him. He waits when Luke doesn’t he asks if Luke is going to do it. Luke just laughs and takes him into custody.

Loretta decides not to press charges and after a stern lecture, she helps get them in contact with a legit record producer.