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Bubba is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bubba is an Armored Truck Driver who occasionally will run a load of moonshine for Boss Hogg.


My Son, Bo Hogg[]

While going to the Hazzard County Bank in the Armored Car, Boss and Rosco run up to him. Boss says he has a gig for him and tells him he wants to take a truck a moonshine at double his regular driving fee. Realizing Boss means to send him to Chickasaw he goes to refuse and Boss says he doesn’t think Bubba heard him, he said double the regular fee. He tells Boss that money ain’t no good if you ain’t around to spend it. He says he isn’t tangling with 'that Sheriff Little no how'. Boss says all he ever hears about is Sheriff Little and the man is human isn’t he. Bubba says he isn’t so sure. He adds when it comes to sniffing out shine the only thing faster than Little's nose is his trigger finger. He says Sheriff Little would rather shoot you than talk to you. Boss tries to protest and he tells him to forget it. He then goes into the bank.

When going through Chickasaw, he stops to see Sheriff Little and tells him that he overheard about a run of moonshine that is supposed to go to Chickasaw that day. Sheriff Little thanks him, saying he owes Bubba one.