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Bubba is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


Bubba is from Hazzard County and was raised there. In 1996 he and Bertha Jo started dating. At one point he and Bertha both took part in the Hazzard Arm Wrestling contest. She beat him and he refused to speak to her for a week afterwards.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion![]

During the Hazzard Homecoming he decided to participate in the Tough Person Contest. During the elimination round he takes down his opponent as Bertha and Daisy watch.

Bubba and Bertha Jo end up in the finales together. They square off but he can’t try seriously. He picks up Bertha Jo and she snaps at him for not trying. He says she isn’t either before throwing her down. He asks if she is okay and tries to help her up, but she jumps up and starts hitting him. They continue to fight and she taunts him, saying he hits harder when they play scrabble. He tells her that she hasn’t thrown a decent punch yet and asks if she is afraid she will break a nail. Furious, Bertha Jo kicks him in the face and he goes down. He pretends to be unconscious which she realizes means he threw the fight. Bubba and Bertha escape from the fight and the angry crowd to Bubba’s truck, where he drives away. When they are some distance away, Bertha Jo starts hitting him and he yells at her when she opens the door on his moving truck to get out. He pulls over and they get out of the truck. Bubba runs up to her saying he hardly felt the ‘sissy kick’ of hers and as she goes to punch him, Bo Duke pulls up in the General yelling to get their attention. Bo greets them both asking if they really want to fight and Bertha Jo says yes before punching Bubba in the face.

They arrive at the cotton mill with Bo and Enos. They watch Bertha Jo get the guard to open the gate and he runs in to tackle the other guard to the ground. He asks Bertha Jo if she was flirting with the man, and annoyed, Bertha Jo points to the unconscious man asking if it looks like she was flirting. Enos gives them rope and tells them good job and to tie them up. They drag the guards off to the side and storm the Cotton Mill with Enos informing them that whoever has Daisy is his. Inside he tackles a number down before turning to Mojo. Mojo punches him a few times before jumping over Bubba and kicking him in the head, knocking him down.

After rescuing Daisy, he stands with Bertha Jo, Daisy, and Enos to talk about the wedding dress while Bo and Luke put Riker in the trunk. They then leave to head back to Hazzard to watch the end of the race, high-fiving Bo as he goes. In town they watch the General Lee win and prepare for the wedding. However Daisy’s ex-husband arrives. Unable to marry Enos, Daisy asks who wants a free weeding. Bo suggests Bubba and Bertha Jo and Luke says they fight so much they should make it official. Daisy throws the flowers and Bubba catches him. He and Bertha Jo kiss and Rosco marries them.


  • While Daisy Duke did not recognize him or know who Bubba was when Bertha Jo was pointing him out; Luke, Bo, and Enos all knew Bubba.