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Agent Buchanon is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Buchanon has a history with Boss, Rosco, Jesse, and Hard Luck Jones. He knew Rosco when he was an honest Sheriff, and the Duke Family when they ran moonshine. He has caught Hard Luck multiple times making whiskey on his property.


Follow That Still[]

Buchanon and his partner see still smoke and move in, sneaking up on Hard Luck Jones. He finds Hard Luck sleeping and wakes him up, saying it’s just not his day and he has to run him in again. When asked why he always goes after Jones he says he’s the one they always find with the evidence. He is startled when the still suddenly explodes thanks to Bo and Luke, and Hard Luck asks him what evidence.

The next morning they learn a war memorial had been stolen. He goes to see  Boss and Rosco at the site, explaining that the APC had a 40 mm cannon on it and it may be spiked but it is still stolen artillery and that puts it in his jurisdiction. Rosco protests and he says Rosco used to once be the best sheriff in the state, and now he’s not worth a hill of beans before leaving.

Later while on patrol he is forced off the road by Luke who is being chased by Rosco.

He goes to the Boar’s Nest when Hard Luck and Jesse arrive and is sitting in his car. Hard Luck tells Rosco that he came to confess and Rosco says he doesn’t have time for that and if Hard Luck wants to confess, do it to Buchanon. He gets out of the car to listen to the conversation as Hard Luck implies it's about the APC. He is stunned when Hard Luck surrender’s to Rosco. When Enos radios in about finding tracks he races off to Benson’s Crossing.

They arrive to see there are three sets of tracks. He follows one set to find Luke in a CAT. Luke greets him saying it’s a nice day for a drive before opening a beer and having a drink, calling him Sir.

He catches up to the APC and follows them toward the Boar’s Nest. The still is thrown out and blown up but he continues to follow it. He arrives at the Boar’s Nest as it crashes through, helping up Boss before taking custody of Flint and Miller who were running illegal cigeretts. He watches Jesse pin Daisy with a medal and smiles before shaking Hard Luck’s hand and helping get him a job at a distillery.