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Buck is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A con man who works a routine of going into a place with led bars painted to look like gold, getting the bank to agree to watch the gold and replace it if anything happened, then organizing the gold to be stolen.


Gold Fever[]

He rides into Hazzard with Dusty and Harkness and they almost have an intentional accident with the General. When the axle snaps he is praised by his boss and he tells him that axle should have snapped as he spent so long filing it down. He and Dusty then get out to confront the locals, being faced with Bo and Luke. Bo asks if they are alright to which he says it’s no thanks to ‘you stupid road hogs’. Luke reminds them that they almost caused the accident and Bo insults Dusty's driving. When Dusty asks if he hears the boys blaming them, he points to Bo saying he’ll take him as ‘they say blondes are more fun’. Harkness gets out telling them to knock it off and he tells him that the boys nearly wrecked their car. After asking about a garage, Harkness offers to have them do some target practice. He throws two glasses into the air and they shoot them, destroying them.

At the garage they are told it will take about a day and a half to fix the car. He asks about the cargo. While Harkness goes into the bank, Dusty and Buck drag in the bars. After Boss and Harkness make a dea, Boss and Rosco go to move the gold. Rosco reaches to touch it and both Dusty and Buck pull a gun on him. When Rosco starts to babble they put the guns away before moving the gold into the bank vault. After Harkness leaves, Dusty and Buck talk, only mildly distracted by Boss and Rosco.

They watch Enos and Rosco help set up Boss to stay in the bank for the night, becoming nervous. When Boss and Harkness leave for the Boar’s Nest under the excuse of discussing future buisness deals, he tells Boss he doesn’t need to leave Rosco and Enos as they don’t need any help. Boss tells him he’s going to get it anyway. Boss tells Rosco to watch Buck, Buck to watch Dusty, Dusty to watch Enos, Enos to watch Rosco and upon his return, Boss will watch them all. After Boss leaves Rosco says he’s going to watch Buck but Rosco retracts that, intimidated by Buck and Buck reaches for his gun.

While Rosco and Enos are gone chasing the Dukes, they take the bars out of the bank and stage a robbery. They tie each other up and he pretends to have been knocked out. Harkness helps him up and unties and ungags him, asking what happened. He admits he doesn’t know, that someone hit him on the back of the head and he never saw them.

After a bit he and Dusty leave town. As they unload the bars, he remarks that they never thought it would be that easy. As Dusty starts handing him the bars, he says that there is just a world full of suckers out there. They bury the bars and head back to town. At the bank they intimidate Boss until he agrees to give them what money the bank has. As they leave the bank, he takes the bag of money from Boss.

Outside, they are stunned when Rosco and Enos arrive with Bo and Luke in addition to the bars. When Boss goes to reclaim his money now that the scam has been revealed, he draws a gun. When Harkness says they need to go, he says he wants to make sure no one will follow before shooting out the tires on the police car. They flee in Boss’ loan car. As they flee they notice the Dukes following. He shoots at them until he shoots out the radiator.

A few miles later the Dukes return in an RV. He and Harkness shoot at them. They are alarmed when Luke tosses a Molotov cocktail at them and it misses. He tells Dusty to go faster. After their car is blown up, he is helped out by Daisy and Bo and handed over to Rosco to be arrested.