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Buck Morgan, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Buck and Collins work together to make contracts with companies to dispose of their toxic waste. The two begin to look for a location to illegally dump the waste to make a profit.


Cooter's Girl[]

While entering Hazzard, he runs a stop sign and runs a girl in a brown car off the road.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest where they approach Daisy and Collins asks about where Boss Hogg is. She directs them to town and he takes the beer from Daisy’s tray. Daisy tells him to wait a moment, as that beer is her Uncle Jesse’s and she will get him one. He drinks it and Cooter Davenport stands up, saying he is slack on his manners and that the beer belongs to Uncle Jesse. He tells Buck ‘let’s have it’ and Buck says it he wants it, he can have it before tossing it into Cooter’s face. He punches Cooter and the two fall over before Cooter gets up and hits him back. The two then begin to wrestle on the floor. He is pulled back by Collins while Bo and Luke arrive to get Cooter. Bo asks what happened and Cooter says he was messing with Daisy. Bo gets in his face saying that was his cousin and Luke pulls Bo back. Buck takes the opening to punch Bo in the stomach. Furious Luke punches him in the face. Collins’ drags him out.

They arrive in the Hazzard town square and approach Boss Hogg. Collins talks to Boss about buying the land up at Spruce Hills. He tells Boss they were out looking at it and it suits them just fine. They go into Boss’ office to discuss business.

After finalizing the purchase of the land, they go outside and he remarks that the ‘tub of lard’ bought the story about the sheep ranch. Collins says to call the clients and let them know that they have a dump site for the toxic waste. He tells Collins to call while he gets gas. He gets in the pickup and drives over to Cooter’s garage. Collins says the place isn’t open but he says the pumps might be. Collins tells him that he’s caused enough trouble for one day. Collin’s reminds him they need to keep a low profile and he says they need gas. As he starts pumping, Cooter comes out of the garage and tells him to hang on a moment as he’s closed. He is annoyed, saying ‘you again, you’re getting to be a pest’ and saying that it’s a gas station so they are taking gas. Cooter says he doesn’t want any trouble and he taunts Cooter remarking about his clothes. When Cooter goes to turn off the pump he hits him and the two wrestle around before fighting. The General Lee arrives and Bo and Luke get out, Bo putting himself between Buck and Cooter. Collin’s drags him back to the truck and they leave.

As he drives, Collins scolds him saying he needs to control his temper. Collins says he doesn’t want any trouble and Buck says it’s part of their cover, saying sheep ranchers are ornery. They are surprised when an orange car catches up and they see Bo and Luke. Luke tells them to pull over as they want to talk. He says for them to back off and that he’s warning them. Bo goes around and cuts him off, forcing him to stop the pickup. Furious, he gets out and says they are asking for it before Luke returns the wallet. He takes it and starts to look through it but Bo tells him not to worry about it as the money is all there. He remarks that the ‘gas jockey pal’ of theirs has a short fuse and Bo snaps that isn’t the way they heard it. Luke and Collins talk about their sheep ranch and when Bo questions it, he says they are trucking in a nice load ‘of them critters’ as there is some good grazing around there. Collins thanks the boys again and they leave.

As he drives away, he says the two hayseeds are getting awful nosy. Collins agrees and says they need to get the trucks rolling. He remarks that Collins just needs to say the word and the boys are gone, pulling out a gun to emphasize his point. Collins says he has a better idea and they will get the law to get rid of the boys for them.

They go back to Boss’ office, and Boss promises to give them protection and keep the Dukes away from them.They go back to Boss’ office, and Boss promises to give them protection and keep the Dukes away from them.

Buck and Collins go to a valley on the property and Collins remarks it is perfect for their first dump site.

They are alerted to people trying to get on the property and spot Bo and Cooter trying to cross their fence. They approach the two with pistols drawn. He points his gun at Cooter saying he just never gets enough but Collin’s stops him saying they are going to do this legally and have them arrested for trespassing. They are startled by the General’s arrival and dive to the ground to keep from being hit. Bo and Cooter escape in the General. He gets back up, saying they blew that one and Collins says they are ordering the guards to shoot them on sight next time.

After talking to Boss and getting him to promise to deal with the Dukes they change the route for the trucks. They go and tell the guards the new route and he says for the guards to be on their toes as the trucks should be there in an hour.

They hear on the radio that there is a break in and head out to cut them off. They arrive as a glider is getting off the property an in an effort to stop it, Buck puts them in a ditch as he was too busy shooting to drive.

He arrested by Rosco and Enos.