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Buck Simmons is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

A Thief. After holding up a church bingo game in Greenville, they flee to Skunk Hollow to hide out. When they arrive he comments it’s not bad and Mickey tells him to get the beer from the car. He comments it’s alright but as they walk around the smell gets to him and he remarks he doesn’t know. As they lay down some blankets he remarks they haven’t had any sleep in 24 hours. They put down their guns and prepare for some sleep. He lays on his back, adjusting a blanket to be a pillow. Hearing a stick break, he sits up and starts shoots. He is unamused when Mickey laughs at him and lays back down saying his nerves are shot and he just needs some sleep.

After hearing a car, Mickey shakes him alert. He gets up and Mickey tells him to take it easy and to not go shooting up the county. They look to see Bo, Luke, and Daisy gathering crab apples from a nearby tree. They then see Rosco and Boss Hogg arrive. They watch the Dukes dump apples on them and flee, then Boss and Rosco chase after them. Buck remarks they sure picked a great hideout. They go back to sleep.

They are alarmed when Boss and Rosco return and spy on them from the bushes. They are confused and dumbfounded when they hear the two are making a fake alien landing site. He’s amused by what the two are doing and comments that the Sheriff and the ‘fatty’ are nothing but a few local scam merchants. Buck says he has an idea to out-scam the scammers. Alarmed he reminds Mickey they are supposed to be lying low. Mickey says it will be fun and all they gotta do is trick the town into thinking an army of aliens are going to attack the town. Buck asks what good will that do them and Mickey says with everyone afraid they just gotta walk into town and steal everything. He gets excited.

They go into town and he’s’ confused when Mickey says they will use the radio station to scare everyone. He asks that Mickey wants to take over the place and Mickey says yes and they will broadcast emergency bulletins, like that radio show years ago. He remembers it and says everyone will head for the hills an then they can walk in an empty every cash register and safe in town.

Having finished casing the town, they head into the radio station. When Elton greets them and asks if they have a request, they pull a gun on him. He starts closing all the blinds at Mickey’s instruction.

They lock Elton in the closet and he asks Mickey what is he going to say. As they sit down to broadcast, Boss, Rosco, and Enos enter the station. They both stand and draw their guns. He takes Rosco and Enos’ guns and they put all three in the closet with Elton. He tells Mickey that worked even better, getting the local law out of the way. He then listens to Mickey broadcast. He watches everyone flee.

He notices Bo and Luke arrive and tells Mickey that the ‘two corn kickers In the orange car’ are coming. The boys come in and confront them, asking what are they doing there. Bo asks them where is Elton. He asks that hasn’t Bo been listening as there has been an emergency. When Bo and Luke refuse to fall for it, they pull out their guns. Bo attacks him, hitting him into the wall. He hits Bo, knocking him onto the couch. Before they can finish off the boys they are stunned by Little Cousin’s arrival. When Little Cousin teleports he is stunned saying a UFO really did land. Bo tries to bluff, telling him they got one last chance to put down the guns. He covers bon d Luke when Mickey knocks out Little Cousin and they capture them. He then shoves Bo and Luke in the closet with the rest. They leave town but Daisy spots them and he shoots out her tire.

As he drives, Mickey tells him that Bo and Luke are following. Little Cousin takes Mickey’s gun and he tells Mickey to grab the little devil, but a blast hits the steering wheel and he crashes. Luke helps him out of the car. He is arrested by Rosco and Enos.