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Judge Buford Potts is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Coltrane vs. Duke[]

He arrives in Hazzard and calls the circuit court to order. Jesse stands up saying ‘excuse me Judge’ and Boss objects. Jesse asks how he can object and Jesse asks if they can hold up the proceedings for just a little while, until a couple of witnesses get there. He checks his watch and Boss cuts him off saying that what Jesse is trying to do is to hold up until the nephews, who are fugitives from justice, get there. He asks if that is true and Jesse says it technically might be true. He says in that case they will proceed. Boss starts by exaggerating what happened and Jesse objects but he tells him he’s overruled and for Boss to continue. Jesse says he still objects and he tells him to sit down. Daisy stands up saying he has to listen to their side of the story. Boss says he objects to all the objections from objectionable people. Cooter stands up saying he objects to that. They all start to fight. He cuts over them saying Boss is right and to please hold all the objections. Rosco is called first.

Rosco tells his story of the accident and Boss says he would like to submit as evidence Rosco’s dog Flash. Slick brings in the dog covered in bandages. Rosco says that from the appearance of Flash, he can see how sudden the accident was. After Boss rests his case, he turns to Jesse asking if he has anything to say. Jesse explains they hold their land sacred and that the land has been in the family since 1792. Jesse does a long speech about the importance of land and he expresses that the story is heartwarming but he must make a decision. He says he awards Rosco the $50,000. When the Dukes protest and say they don’t have that Boss says they are prepared to accept the Duke Farm as compensation. He says ‘so be it’ and awards the farm to Rosco. He then leaves to go back to Atlanta.

Along the way the stops at the Chickasaw diner. After eating he starts driving again, alarmed when Bo and Luke come up behind him in the General. The boys blow past him, shocking him, as does Sheriff Little. However he is hit by Cletus, Emery, and Boss and the rest. He sees Rosco in the car and approaches Boss asking what is going on. He sees Rosco, Boss, and Slick argue in the car.

Boss tries to calm everyone down and tells him they will get him back to Atlanta. He snaps that he would rather wait and find out what is going on around there. Jesse approaches asking what is Rosco doing up and about. Boss insists he’s in pain. However Bo and Luke arrive and show him a picture of Rosco walking around. He asks Rosco if it’s him and he reconvenes court in the middle of the road. He returns the Farm to the Dukes.

Dukescam Scam[]

He goes to Hazzard to hear the case of Boss Hogg robbing his own bank. After Cletus calls the court to session he remarks he’s ready to hear the case of the state vs Jefferson Davis Hogg for Embezzlement. He asks Rosco where is Boss and Rosco says he’s not there and skipped town. Rosco reminds him that the bail is Jesse’s Farm and Luke stands up, telling him that it was all a scheme to get their farm. Pott’s tells him to ‘simmer down son’ adding he’s out of order. When Cletus echoes the comment he thanks him before explaining that first he is issuing a warrant for Boss’ arrest. Rosco asks about the bail and annoyed he tells Rosco he’ll get to the bail if Rosco will let him finish. He says he’ll be back in a week to hear the case if Rosco catches him. Rosco asks that the bail is forfeited to which he snaps ‘shut up Sheriff’. When Cletus echoes the statement Rosco snaps at Cletus saying he doesn’t have the right to tell him to shut up. Potts says he does have the right and he’ll telling Rosco to shut up. Rosco sits down saying that’s different. He apologizes to Jesse and says he’s sorry but JD Hogg not showing up forces him to forfeit the bail. Bo stands up saying he can’t take the farm as it’s all they got. He yells at Bo saying ‘sit down son’. When Bo obeys he says the law is the law, and the law is all he’s got. Furious, Cooter stands up yelling that they aren’t dogs but Jesse calms him down. He adjourns court and leaves.