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Bull is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Hazzard Hustle[]

He finds Billie as she comes out of the drug store, running up to her and informing her that he just learned about Boss Hogg running an illegal operation in her county. When Billie asks how he found out, he tells her the word is all over town and she says for them to get going. He gets in the passenger seat of the car.

After entering the parlor they move along the back and slip into the back room. Boss and Rosco immediately tell them they can’t come back there. When Rosco tries to send them away, he reaches over, taking the gun from Rosco’s holster before pending the barrel. Billie introduces them. He hands the gun back to Rosco. When Billie asks who is in charge, he says it can’t be them as Boss is too fat and Rosco is too stupid. When Boss goes to scold him, he picks up a phone and crushes it in his hands. The two agree with his statement. When Billie says they want to know who is running it so they can get their cut, he adds ‘before we start breaking some legs’ before picking up Boss by his jacket. Boss and Rosco says that the Duke Family ran the entire thing, showing them proof by the fact the phone number for the parlor is the same as the Duke Family’s in the phone book. He asks how do they find the Dukes and Boss gives him directions.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and head to the door. After being invited in, they meet Jesse, Daisy, Vance, and Coy. When Billie says they want a cut of the betting parlor money, Coy asks what are they talking about. He snaps ‘the one the fat man’s running for you at the old warehouse.’ When the Dukes say they have nothing to do with it, he remarks that is how the fat man told it and that the Sheriff backed him up. When Billie gets annoyed, he pulls out a gun to back her up. Vance and Coy say it was their operation and agree to go with them to the horse room. He shows them his gun, saying ‘and if you got any ideas, forget it’ before they leave. On their way out, Coy hits him with the screen door, knocking him back. He rushes forward and shoots at the boys, but they drive away. He gets in the car as Billie drives after them. The boys escape by jumping a creek. Billie is unable to and tries to stop but the front two tires go over the creek bed. He gets out and climbs down before pushing the car back onto four wheels. Billie says they are headed to the horse parlor to teach the Dukes a lesson. He cracks his knuckles, saying he’ll be in charge of the class.

After going to the warehouse, they see that the entire operation was packed up. Angry, he says they took off on them and Billie says they are headed back to the Duke Farm.

After arriving, he looks in the farmhouse. Not finding anyone, he goes back outside to tell Billie and she says they are going to have to track the Dukes down.

While driving, they spot the General Lee with Vance climbing down a telephone poll. He points it out saying ‘there they are.’ He gets out and points his gun at Vance saying he’s a sitting duck. He tells Vance to get down slowly, then turns to Coy telling him to keep his hands on the wheel. Vance suddenly drops on him, knocking him over. He yells for them to stop and begins shooting at them. After getting in the car he continues to shoot. Billie tries to jump the creek to follow the boys but she crashes and the boys get away.

They spend the night at the J.D. Hogg Ritz Plaza Hotel and resume the search for the Dukes the next day. In frustration, he rips the door off the car as he gets in and Billie gives him a disapproving look.

As they head back toward Rapaho, Billie recognizes a known better and follows the road back to the Grange Hall. They remark they found the place before heading inside the back door. He pulls a gun on Boss and Rosco and they say they are taking all the money. After Billie gets the money, they leave.

As they drive away, Vance and Coy come up behind them. He starts shooting at the boys, hitting the radiator. However Vance starts releasing dynamite arrows and Billie flips the car. Vance and Coy make a citizen’s arrest.