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Bumper is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Limo One is Missing[]

Bumper helps run the chop shop in the abandoned mining town of Choctaw for Boss Hogg. Boss comes to the chop shop and yells at them, asking where is the President’s limo. He says Boss must be folling with him as he doesn’t have the president’s car, but Dooley and Benteen are still on their regular run. Boss tells him to make it a gallop as he wants that car. He tells Boss he does too as he’d never chopped a president’s limo and you could get 40 to 50 thousand in South America. Boss says that aren’t going to chop that car and it goes back in one piece. He muses that the president might even phone him and thank him in person, confusing Bumper and he asks who to which Boss snaps the President.

He is helping to clean up the president’s limo when Bo and Luke come in. He hides in the car until Luke notices two are missing, then he gets out of the car once Dooley had the boys covered. He stands with Benteen and another employee asking where they came from when Bo suddenly dives on all three. They wrestle with Bo until Luke dives on them. Bo knocks him over the car and he is unconcious.