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Burke is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A thief who is part of a smuggling operation that brings in half a million dollars worth of emeralds. In order to prevent being caught, he hides the items in a flashlight inside of Enos Strate's footlocker that is being shipped from Los Angeles to Hazzard County.


Enos in Trouble[]

They sit outside the Hazzard Depot as they watch Vance, Coy, and Enos arrive. He comments ‘halleluhah, that hick cops footlocker finally arrived’. When they see the boys come out of the building with the footlocker, they put on masks and get out of the car. When his partner tells them to get their hands up, Enos says he is a deputy and he snaps that they don’t care and to just get the hands up and no funny business. The boys drop the trunk and he is suddenly attacked by Vance. Vance hits his in the stomach and the face before throwing him up the stiars at the depot. A sign falls on his head as he hits Vance back. The group then flee and he returns to the car with his partner. They chase after the boys but lose them.

Finding a tire stuck, he takes off his jacket and begins to put sticks under it for traction. He tells his partner that they are going after that footlocker and if the others try to stop them ‘they won’t be long for this world’ as he pats his gun. Carter agrees, patting his knee and says to get out of there and for him to push the car this time. He snaps ‘I will’ and pushes as his partner drives, getting the car unstuck.

While driving around, they see the General Lee. He tells Carter ‘let’s get them’ before leaning out the window and shooting at the boys. After the General jumps, he tries to warn Carter but Carter attempts to follow and flips the car. Annoyed he asks ‘couldn’t you see that log?” before they get out. He complains that his partner said the whole thing would be a cinch and look at them now with no wheels. Carter assures him they will figure it out. He checks his gun and they leave.

The two walk down the road when they see a pickup passing. They put out their thumb to hitchhike but the truck drives by them. Annoyed, they continue walking.

A while later a blue car passes and they flag the car down. After Carter pulls out the driver, he gets in and they drive away.

They go to a nearby farm where they get out and ask the farmer about the General Lee. They learn the owners live at the Duke Farm and get directions.

He and his partner arrive at the Duke Farm and approach the house. They go inside to check. While Carter pulls apart the bookshelf, he checks Enos’ trunk. He informs Carter that the flashlight is gone and so are the emeralds. They agree they need to find the deputy and leave.

They drive up to a phone booth and Burke gets out before looking around. Not seeing anything, he gets back in the car to inform Carter there isn’t a sign of them. At Carter’s suggestion, he turns on the CB. They listen, learning that Boss and Rosco know about the emeralds and hear Enos turn himself into Boss. Carter says they need to spring Enos from jail and when Burke asks how Carter says ‘the big city snow job’. He laughs.

They arrive at the police station where they encounter Rosco at the door. They flash police badges at him, saying they are California Police before heading inside. They go into the main office where Boss and Enos are and he says they are taking over now. When Carter says they are police from California, Enos questions it by pointing out he just talked to the lieutenant an hour ago and it should be impossible. Enos realizes they are the criminals and he pulls a gun on him. He pulls Enos out of the police department, telling him to shut up and move. They take Enos out to the car, ignoring Rosco and the Dukes and try to speed off. Coy runs out in the road to try and stop them but they ignore him, nearly running him over.

As they escape town, he tells Enos that he better tell them where he stashed to emeralds. When Enos refuses to speak he yells ‘come on talk!’ Enos apologizes before saying all he has to say is his name, rank, and serial number. He tells Enos that he is making him mad and he better talk. Enos repeats his name, rank, and number. Carter says they lost the pursuit so they can stop and interrogate Enos.

When they arrive at an old barn he pulls Enos from the car and he and Carter take him inside. Enos says they should be ashamed and to think of how their mom’s would react to what they are doing, furious he yells at Enos saying for him to shut up. When Enos says they can’t make up their minds since Carter said for him to talk, he starts to strangle Enos but Carter stops him.

When Enos refuses to say anything other than his required information, he gets frustrated and hits the wall. They notice a lot of smoke and remarks the barn is one fire. They grab Enos and try to flee but as they go outside they trip on a rope being held by Vance and Coy. He gets up, pulling out his gun and pointing it at Vance and Coy. They take Enos to the car and drive away.

As they drive he sees Coy and Vance coming after them. He leans out the window to shoot at them. As he tries to continue shooting, Enos grabs him and they wrestle for the gun. He doesn’t see the door get pulled off the car and Enos shoves him out of the car. He falls down the hill.

He is picked up and taken back to town where he is handed over to the California Police.