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Burl is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Burl is a horse trader in Hazzard who has a reputation of breeding the 'shabbiest' stock in the county. He has been working on breeding for 20 years. The mortgage on his farm is owned by Boss Hogg and he hasn't been able to pay in years.


The Rustlers[]

He greets Jesse, Bo, and Luke when they come to his home to deliver bags of feed. He thanks them and says he owes them. Jesse asks if three beers would be too steep, which they all laugh over. Sherry comes out and starts talking to the boys and after Bo makes an awkward comment, Jesse reminds him that he told them over the phone that he had something to show them. Bo says on the phone he called it a miracle and he tells them that it is and they’re eyes are gonna bug out of their head. He and his Sherry bring out a horse to show the Dukes.

Tolliver Farm

He tells Jesse he has been breeding horses for a long time and Jesse reminds him that his stock has been among the worst. He laughs and says there is no question about that. After Sherry says they want to put the horse, Manases, in the race, he explains the prize is $10,000 and with that he could pay off all his bills and leave the world the same way he came in, dead even. When he is reminded by the $500 entry fee, he explains for 20 years he has been working and dreaming of having a horse like this and without their help, that is all gone. He tells them to give the horse a try. Bo agrees but asks if he has anything to time the horse against. Burl admits he doesn’t but he agrees to let Luke drive along side the horse in the General to time him.

He shows Bo and Luke where a sign post is for a quarter mile. He then moves out of the way and watches Bo and Luke go. The boys come back, telling them that the horse was going 40 miles per hour. The Dukes agree to help and in joy, he hugs Sherry.

While working with Sherry, Jesse, Bo, and Luke they hear a car come up and he comments it’s Boss Hogg and the Sheriff and asks what do they want. Jesse remarks for him to keep a hand on his wallet. Boss arrives and greets them and he greets Boss back before asking what he can do for him. Rosco accidently turns on the siren and he runs to help turn it off. When the horse takes off with Sherry, he tries to run after her but the horse is too far. He watches Bo go off and get her from the horse, relieved.

When Sherry brings the horse back, he tries to calm him and Boss tells him he’s got Boss all wrong and he doesn’t want to buy the horse. Boss explains he wants to do a time trial on a race and if it works he will forgive all the debt and pay the entrance fee. Boss adds that he will keep Manases at his place as well but when the Dukes protest Boss changes it to the Duke’s Farm.  Boss asks if they would trust the Dukes, which Burl quickly agrees.

Burl, Sherry, Jesse, and Daisy wait for Bo and Luke to bring the horse at the Fair Grounds. He asks if the horse gave them much trouble and Bo says no but Burl owes them half a bushel of carrots. He asks if the horse ate that much and Bo jokes no, he and Luke did. When he looks at the horse he realizes it’s the wrong horse and when asked if he's sure he insists he would know his horse anywhere. Luke tells them that they got to believe that Bo and Luke weren’t the ones who took his horse. Despite having nothing but their word to back them up, Sherry says they know the Duke boys wouldn’t do anything to hurt Burl and her, and Burl adds they wouldn’t hurt Manases either. He watches Bo and Luke flee from Rosco.

Later he talks to Cooter Davenport and assures him that he knows Bo and Luke wouldn’t steal his horse and isn’t going to press charges.

Bo and Luke come to his place for assistance. Sherry tells him that he hasn’t lost his dream and they will get the horse, Manases back. Luke explains the Duke’s aren’t horse people and he needs to know if Burl has ever heard of the Dunlap Horse Ranch. Bo explains that’s what the van says and he insists he has never heard of it. Cooter calls to inform them he saw the van that took the horse and he agrees to head to the Fair Grounds and wait there.

At the fairgrounds, Sherry gets worried about the horse and he hugs her, telling her not to fret. He assures her that the boys will be there with the horse and asks Jesse and Daisy to back him up, which they do. When the fairgrounds employee get’s anxious about the horse, he says the horse will be there and not to worry. He keeps an eye on the clock and when he sees there is only eight minutes left he becomes anxious. Jesse and Daisy say to keep believing and he says he’ll try. As they are down to one minute Daisy says a whole lot can happen in a minute and he says he hopes so. When the time is up he says to go home but is happy to see Luke arriving. The horse is accepted.

The next Saturday, Mansases wins. He wins enough money to pay off his mortgage.