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Burnett is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Lawman of the Year[]

While driving through Hazzard, they get a flat tire. While Morris changes it, the General Lee pulls up and Coy and Vance get out. He stands by Morris when the boys insist on trying to help but Morris gets upset and he calms him down and the boys leave.

They finish the tire and meet up with Boss Hogg. When Boss complains he snaps that ain’t their fault and Boss said to sneak in on the back roads. Boss says that is because no one is supposed to see them. Morris admits they saw the Duke boys.

They go to town where they see the Jewelry store Boss wants them to rob. He asks what kind of security are they dealing with. Boss says that the owner has more invested in burglar alarms then jewelry. Angry he asks how Boss assumes the job will be a pushover. Boss says that is on account of the owner didn’t put an alarm on the door leading to the basement. Boss expresses there is a manhole with a sewer line to the basement. He asks about the local law. Boss says he is leaving Rosco out of this one.

The two go to Rhuebottom’s General Store to get dynamite but learn that the store is fresh out from the owner. When Mr. Rhuebottom says he’ll have some at the end of the week they tell him they’ll be long gone.

As he drives, they notice Coy and Vance behind him. He says it doesn’t make any difference as there is no way they can keep up with their souped up engine. He speeds up but when the car keeps gaining he curses Morris asking how they are still gaining. Morris suggests they stop but he says Boss would be ‘fit to be tied’ if they stopped and there is no point in double crossing Boss until after they clean out the store. They lose the boys when the General loses a tire.

They meet up with Boss, who gives them construction worker’s clothes and the ‘Department of Sewers’ van. Boss runs down the plan with them again. When Morris asks about Vance and Coy, Boss says they are going to be arrested.

They return to town and climb down into the man hole. After going to the spot where Boss says to dig, they get out picks and start chipping at the wall. As they clear away the dirt, Morris informs him there is a wall of solid concrete. Annoyed, he asks that Morris is kidding him before checking and confirming. He says they need to have another meeting with Hogg as they need that dynamite.

They call Boss and meet him on the side of the road. Boss comes, but informs them that he can’t be seen with them. When Boss says they better have a good reason, he asks how about ten feet of solid concrete. Boss gives him the keys to his gravel pit, saying to get the dynamite he needs. They leave, going to the gravel pits.

After arriving they get into the shack and he carries out a crate of dynamite. He says he’s got enough to blast clear to China but Morris hushes him. They hear an engine approaching. They hide and see Daisy drive up and go into the shack. They go to the doorway, to block Daisy in. When she tries to flee he picks her up an sits her in a chair for Morris to tie. After they hide the jeep and watch Vance and Coy come in. They go back into the shack and he fights with Vance. He knocks Vance down and Morris takes Daisy hostage. They lock the three Dukes in the shack before leaving.

As they drive back to town, he uses the CB saying ‘work gang calling Sewer Commissioner Hogg’. He informs Boss that they got the dynamite and ‘have those two rubes you warned us about on ice’. Boss says he will meet them there.

They arrive at the manhole to see Boss waiting. Boss informs them that the jeweler is out of the store and won’t be back for a while. Once inside, they pull out the dynamite. They light the dynamite and take cover while it goes off. Once the wall is destroyed, they rob the store and return to Boss. Morris double crosses Boss and they flee. They get in the green car and escape town.

As they go, he notices they are being followed by a large group of cars. He fires on the closest, the General Lee. He runs out of bullets and the General cuts them off. He gets out of the car, fighting Coy and loses the fight. He is arrested by Cletus and Enos.