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Bur Kreski is a minor antagonist from the series Enos.


The Hostage[]

Al Dinsmore and Burt Kreski move counterfeit plates for Paxton in a van labeled ‘printers’. While driving through LA, they notice a cop following them with their lights on. When Al says it’s the cops, he says someone must have tipped them. He says ‘come on’ but Al slows down to shoot at the cops before taking off. He rides in the van as Al tries to evade police, however he gets stuck at a street sale. They abandon the van and run away on foot.

He calls Mr. Paxton from a phone booth, informing him that it’s Burt. When asked if he’s got the plates, he explains that they did but two cops stumbled on them and now the truck and the plates are probably in the hands of the police. When Paxton says they don’t want to lose this deal, he says ‘I’m awful sorry Mr. P’ and explains there was almost nothing they could do. Paxton tells him to just come back to the yacht. After hanging up the phone Al asks if Paxton was mad, and he gives him a baffled look saying ‘no, that’s what kinda worries me.’

After being given instructions, they head to the police station. When Broggi comes out of the police department he approaches Broggi, addressing him. When Broggi says ‘yeah’ he tells him to keep his hands down and his mouth shut. Broggi says he’s got to be kidding and he shows him his gun. Broggi says he’s not and he says for them to get in the car. He then keeps Broggi covered from behind as they head to Paxton.

After getting Broggi to the yacht, he listens to Paxton call Enos and Turk, the officers who caught him and his partner, and offer a trade, their lieutenant for the plates.

Later he learns Al accidentally left a receipt with his name on it in the van.