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Burt Roby is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


To Catch a Duke[]

After robbing $200,000 of jewels he and his wife runs. They pull into Hazzard and the radiator goes. When Myrna says she can’t believe it, he tries to sooth her saying ‘honey, it’s probably the fan belt’ and they will be out of the tank town soon and tells her to just try and stay cool. She gets angry at him, reminding him of the hot jewelry in her lap. They pull into the garage and Cooter asks what they have here as he pops the hood. When his wife snaps at Cooter he tells Cooter his wife just means that they are having a little fan belt trouble. Cooter agrees and tells them to run over to the café and get a coffee and some food. He says that sounds like a good idea and walks away with his wife, Cooter calling after them to try to meatloaf which he says they will.

As they walk, his wife rants at him for getting them in this mess. He stops her asking if she would just please cool down. They start walking again and he tells her that they’ve got the jewels, the law doesn’t even know where they are at, that they are in a little town and it’s nice and quiet and nothing for her to worry her little heart over. He says to take it easy adding ‘and beside that, honey, there’s just one little bitty thing’ before stopping on the sidewalk and telling her that he loves her. She smiles and he remarks ‘that’s it’ before kissing her. They are suddenly interrupted by Rosco screaming ‘freeze’ before approaching them with a fake fire hydrant. They put their hands up in shock. Rosco tells them that they can’t ‘osculate’ and that he needs to write them a ticket before handing him the fake fire hydrant to hold. Rosco says they need to come over to the jail to pay the fine, alarming him, but his wife agrees. As Rosco walks ahead to show them where to go, she says the sooner they pay it the sooner they can leave He remarks they have to be out of their minds to walk into a police station with the jewels on them.  She snaps they aren’t going to and when Rosco calls, they follow, still carrying the hydrant. He sees his wife pick a flower and Rosco goes to give her a $20 ticket. He protests and Rosco changes it to $10.

In the police station he asks Rosco how much it will be and Rosco says Burt knows it’s $20 apiece for osculating and $10 for the flower. He gets out the money to pay the fine. Rosco begins to write the receipt when Bo and Luke come in to talk to Rosco about a ticket they got. Hearing that they were given a ticket Bo asked what they did and he says he just kissed his wife. Rosco asks for their social security numbers and despite his wife’s protests, he hands it over. Bo and Luke storm out and Bo tells them to have a nice day. Boss Hogg comes in and talks to them about the fine, which they laugh off. They become alarmed when an APB comes out about them but try to remain calm. Rosco hands back their card saying their name before realizing they are the thieves. He watches his wife make the two get down before they go outside. He stops, remembering the jewels and she tells him not now, later, before dragging him away. They run to the General Lee and his wife forces the boys to help them at gunpoint. He and his wife get out of the General as Bo and Luke pull down a side street, letting the cops chase the boys. They backtrack to find that Boss and Rosco have the jewels. He comments they have had it and they should just get the car and blow out of that place but she refuses to leave without the jewels. He protests but she tells him to shut up as it is theirs and they are getting it back.

After picking up their car, they wait outside the County building. When Rosco comes out he comments ‘well now, it’s the Sheriff’ and seeing his torn uniform he wonders what happened to him but his wife disregards it. Seeing Boss and Cletus, he is told not to let them out of his sight, which he says ‘yes ma’am’. He drives, following Boss. They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and pull up to the back door.

They go inside and when his wife pulls a gun and Boss dives on the jewels he tells Boss to hand over the jewels under ‘your little fat belly’. He packs up the jewels as Myrna gets Boss and Cletus down. They go outside to see they can’t take their car. Myrna calls him an idiot and he protests it isn’t his fault but asks what do they do and she says they borrow another one. They try to open a van but can’t, then see Rosco come out of the bar. They take Rosco and his car.

After chasing around the cars in the Boar’s Nest parking lot, they escape with only Bo and Luke following. He tells Rosco to step on it. When Myrna starts shooting at the boys, Rosco says he’ll help them if they stop shooting. Burt asks about the boys and Rosco says they are good old boys and he can talk some sense to them. Burt tells Rosco to start squawking. When it doesn’t work Rosco tells Myrna to go ahead and shoot and he tells her to let them have it, but Rosco rolls her arm in the window. Rosco stops and pulls them out of the car with his gun. Myrna says that if they perform a citizens arrest on her and Burt, he and Burt will say that the Dukes and Rosco where in on the heist from the start. The Dukes decide to take the chance. Rosco has them move to the General and Bo asks if they are going to get in the car or are they going to stuff them in. They get in.

While in the back of the General, Luke tells Bo to have at it and Bo starts driving all over the road. Burt asks Bo to slow down just a bit, nervous. He asks if Bo is trying to kill them. When Bo takes the car on two wheels he demands for Bo to take it back down and straighten it out, which Bo says ‘this is fun Burt!’ He demands again if they are trying to kill them. Luke asks why would they want to do that because if they got hurt no one could tell the people the truth. Bo says it was them who stole the jewels and Burt says that’s no secret and Myrna tells him to shut up. Luke asked who helped them and he goes to say no one but Myrna tells him to shut up. Luke tells Bo to head to Wilton Bridge, telling the Roby’s that they can’t jump it but the boys would rather die than go to prison. He asks if someone will please stop that car and Bo says they couldn’t do that as it wouldn’t be much fun. The boys jump and he screams for help and asking for someone to set the car down. When the car comes down he demands to be let out of the General and admits it was only them. Myrna tries to stop him again and he refuses to be quiet, admitting Rosco and the boys had nothing to do with it. He is arrested for grand theft.