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Sheriff Buster Moon is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. He was portrayed by James Hampton.


Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

He sends Enos to watch Bo and Luke before heading to the Boar’s Nest for lunch. He is surprised to see all the women and Boss asks him what he is doing there. He explains it was his lunch time and asks if there is something wrong with that. Boss takes his lunch saying he can’t eat on duty and to go out and find the Dukes instead of stuffing himself on company time. Buster leaves, but protests as he does saying ‘1200 hours, I always eat at 1200 hours.’ As he exits he nearly collides into Jesse. Concerned, he stops and watches Jesse pull Boss into his office. He tries to listen to the door and when Jesse opens it he pushes Buster aside saying to get out of his way. He tells Boss that Jesse is in a ‘dander’ and chuckles when he brings up how Boss is using the money that Jesse is upset about for a senior citizen’s to finance his ‘pretty piggy’s and Boss snaps for him to shut up. He listens, chastised, as Boss explains that it’s up to him to decide how money is spent. Boss then yells at him to get back on the job.

He regroups with Enos and approaches the Duke Farm with sirens on. He tells Enos to go the other way, excited, and that they have the Duke’s surrounded. He follows Bo and Luke but they lead him directly into Enos, crashing both cars.

He and Enos arrive at the Boar’s Nest while Daisy is showing everyone the ‘Play Pen’ outfit. Boss asks him what he thinks of the outfit, saying he designed it himself and Buster grins, looking at Daisy. He then tells Boss that his still on Pine Ridge was just blown up. Boss gets upset and he says that 40 years ago he would have sworn it was the Ridge Raiders however he thinks it’s the Dukes. Boss tells him and Enos to go find the Dukes and he salutes before leaving.

They arrive at the Petersdorf farm and runs up to Bo and Luke with his gun drawn announcing that he is placing them under arrest. When they ask what for, Buster is surprised and tells them it’s for blowing up Boss Hogg’s still on Pine Ridge before remarking that it was a good thing the postman saw which way they went. Bo asks when that happened and after Enos says it was about an hour agao. Luke says they were never there and he tells them to tell it to the Judge, Judge Jefferson Davis Hogg, before telling Enos to put the cuffs on them. They are suddenly sprayed by the fire hose by Sue Ellen. They manage to get to their cars and chase after the boys but encounter Amos, who accidentally runs them off the road and causes him to flip his car.

He goes with Boss and Enos to the Coffin Works, coming in with his gun drawn announcing for no one to move. Boss tells him to take off the peoples masks and before he can, Bo and Luke drop a barrel down the stairs. He, Boss, and Enos are knocked over. As they get back up, he shoots his gun but everyone is gone.

He brings two rent-a-cops to Boss and orders them as a detail. He listens to the offers being told to get the Dukes before telling them to move out. After they leave he asks Boss ‘how’s that’ and Boss says he has men moving without knowing where they are going. He asks Boss where are they going and Boss says nowhere if he don’t tell them. He says Boss is quick before saluting, doing a 360 turn and saying he never gets it right. He tries again only to knock over all Boss’ Pool Cues. He excuses himself.

Buster arrives at the Boar’s Nest to inform Boss that the security guards are riding shotgun on his truck of equipment for the Play Pen. However he is stunned by the women’s dress and nearly falls into Daisy. He sits to watch. He says if anyone wants to hijack the truck they got them. Boss asks if he’s a peeping tom and tells him to leave. On his way out he knocks over a stack off boards.

He drives out to the highway where he pulls up behind the truck and the rent-a-cops. He says he is taking over and for them to fall in behind him but they refuse as Boss’ orders were to not let the truck out of their sight. He says he is the sheriff and he is giving them a direct order and to let him pass. When they refuse he starts to ram into them and they run each other off the road, losing the truck.

They get back on the road and he sees Jesse and a man on the side of the road. He run up to Jesse screaming ‘hands up and freeze.’ Jesse asks if he means him or the driver. Confused he says ‘you Jesse’. They arrest Jesse.

He stands behind Boss and Daisy when they talk to Jesse in the jail. When Jesse accuses Boss of misappropriating funds for his ‘play pen’, Buster looks away, guilty. He watches Daisy get fired and walks away with Boss.

Buster helps transport Jesse to the prison along with Enos, the rent-a-cops, and Boss. Amos’ car comes up with a smoke machine, making it hard to see. He drives into a ditch and crashed before Enos crashes into him moments later. He and Enos mange to get in the same car and he chases after the boys. However as they pass Amos’s fire truck the road is soaked and they spin out.

Boss catches up and lectures him saying he hasn’t gotten the hang of the catching crooks profession. He tells Boss not to worry and they will catch them. He is annoyed when Enos reminds them they need to find them first. They head back to Boss’ office.

In Boss’ office, Boss says he has taken charge. Enos tells them that they don’t have to look for the truck and he laughs with Boss at the idea of a nice hijacker driving it up to the front door but Enos says that is what happened. They rush to the window to check before going outside. He stops to finish Boss’ alcohol drink on the way out. He comes outside with his gun drawn and Boss tells him if anyone moves to shoot them in the toe. They go to arrest the men but are stopped by the Bo and Luke’s arrival. Boss tells him to arrest them. He watches in surprise as the boys and Cooper make Boss drop all the charges to keep his trick from being made public, asking that Boss isn’t going to let the Duke boys blackmail him. When Boss caves he comments ‘shoot, there goes the pretty piggies’. At Luke’s insistence they do a 21 gun salute for the people present.

They attend the groundbreaking for the Senior Citizen’s Center.

Buster Moon - Title Card (Return of the Ridge Raiders)

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