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Buzz Kilroy is a character from The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


At some point after 1985, Buzz and his race car the Double Zero (00) had beat the General Lee in an overland race.

At the Hazzard Homecoming, Mama Max asked Buzz to be her challenger in an overland race against Bo Duke and the General Lee. He agrees.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!

After Bo and Jesse Duke formally agree to the race at the town meeting, he drives up in his car and gives Bo and the rest a thumbs up, excited to be racing them again.

Cam and Riker inform Buzz of their plan. They tell him he will be waiting for Cam after the first check point with the illegal engine, then he will meet him at the last check point to give back his own car. Buzz is horrified at the plan. He tells them he never agreed to this but Riker threatens him and the car. Buzz is then sent away.

Buzz meets Cam in the woods and switches cars with him before heading to the next meeting place. When he gets there he pulls off a part to ensure that his car won’t start. He waits until Bo, Luke, Enos, and Daisy arrive. Upset, Bo asks what ‘in the heck are you doin?” and he tells them that Cam was raising with an illegal engine and he pulled the cap to keep Cam from finishing. After Cam flees he tells them he wants to race General Lee one last time and asks for one last fair race. He shakes Bo and Luke’s hands as they agree. They line up the cars and Bo asks if he’s ready. He says on their signal and Bo hits the horn. At the last note they start driving. Buzz decided to keep to the road. At the last moment the General cuts in front of him, causing Buzz to lose the race.