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C.J. Holmes is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Owner of Holmes Oil, Holmes Airlines, Homes Mining, Holmes Hotels, Homes Meat packing, and other businesses. A year before he lost his cocker spaniel and when a little boy found the dog, he gave the boy an oil well. After learning his daughter had met a young man that he saw of a lower stature and wished to marry him, he hired two private investigators, Les and Mitch, to take her to Miami and put her on a cruise.


The Runaway[]

After his men call him to inform him that his daughter ran away, he decides to go to Hazzard personally and tells the men to pick him up at 2:30.

He is picked up by Les and Mitch. He lectures them saying the point is they spotted her and then lost her again and they are not using their heads. He asks how many cars that fit the General Lee’s description could be in Hazzard. He tells them to check with the local garage as the "local idiot mechanic" is bound to know who it belongs to.

They arrive in town and he waits as his men go into the garage. When they return, he learns that the boys have disappeared. They hear a local man talking to Jesse Duke and he asks that the name Duke is the same as the boys who ran off with Suzy and they confirm. He tells them that he wants them to play the same game by the same rules and asks if he’s made himself clear. They go to kidnap Jesse. He listens to his men tell the boys over the radio that they have one hour to agree to the swap. He is surprised when Suzy joins the conversation to say she doesn’t mind going back as she doesn’t want Jesse to be hurt.

While waiting to hear back from the boys, he tells Jesse that he has every right to prevent his daughter from ruining her life. Jesse says he’s wrong as he’s the one ruining her life. He tells Jesse he’s afraid they disagree. He says he and his daughter care more about each other than the boys care about Jesse, considering the circumstances. Jesse says he is wrong again. He says he knows the boys care about him, but what is more important is they care about what is doing what is right and C.J. has been so busy making money he never learned that. He says that they are not even in the same league. C.J. listens in triumph when Luke calls to say they agree to the swap at Crystal Lake Bridge. He tells Jesse that it appears they know Bo and Luke better than Jesse does.

They arrive at the lake and he watches his men go to do the switch. However Fred drives up and runs onto the bridge yelling for Suzy. He watches Suzy leave with the others and pursues them. However the boys flood the road, causing them to spin out and go in a ditch. He concludes that is why Suzy didn’t want to ride with them.

Later he shows up at his daughter’s wedding. He has decided to accept Fred and he hugs his daughter, making up. He then pulls Daisy aside and presents her with a new jeep, explaining it’s for her. He then shakes Bo’s and Jesse’s hands.


  • He is the first rich father who the Dukes encounter and have to convince that the farmers that he looks down on as not good enough for their family are just as good of people as them