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C.V. Gumble is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


My Son, Bo Hogg[]

She calls Boss Hogg on his car phone and asks ‘J.D. honey have you found anybody to drive that shipment for me yet’. Boss says not yet, calling her C.V. honey, adding that he’s trying but he can’t find a truck driver who isn’t afraid of her shooting sheriff up there. She tells him she is desperate and her customers are so dry they are sneezing dust. She says she is willing to pay four times the going rate, shocking Boss. Boss says that is a mighty tempting offer and he guarantees he will find a driver. He says he will get back to her real quick before hanging up.

She calls Boss again at the Boar’s Nest and she says she is desperate and will up her offer to ten times the going rate. She says she has got to have that shipment and Boss says he is going to see that she gets it. She asks that he has finally found someone who isn't afraid of Sheriff Little and Boss tells her he sure has, that his boy ain’t afraid of nobody.