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The Taxi Company Owner is a character from the series Enos.


The Head Hunter[]

Enos Strate meets with him about the job advert in the paper. He confirms they have openings for temporary taxi drivers, adding if Enos is a good driver and he has a commercial license. Enos says he can get the license and he can ask anyone in Hazzard County for a recommendation on his driving. Not recognizing the location, he asks if there is someone local who could recommend him. Enos informs him he’s a member of the police force, showing the manager his badge to which he excitedly comments ‘oh! Great!’ Enos adds that he would rather no one ask the police though and he comments ‘yeah, I know.’ He suggests they go ahead and give it a try before asking ‘how can I go wrong? Using someone from the police force?’

Enos comes to see him a few days later and he asks that Enos wants to work full time now, no more part time. Enos says that he’s available and he tells Enos that he can start right now. He signs a dispatch, saying for Enos to take number twenty as she is all gassed up and ready to go. Enos says so is he. Enos thanks him before leaving.

Later Enos officially quits driving taxis.